WiSP Information Update

WiSP32 program and the operation guide

and Satellites information update

WiSP32 is a new satellite communication program on WindowsXP.
In this Home Page, I will announce the most update of WiSP32.
And I offer the several satellite programs of my own writing,
and I publish the update and the data from all Satellites.   

Edited by JE9PEL / Mineo Wakita

Since 8 Jul 1993

Title : Shooting star

Painted by Mika Wakita, 6 ages (1998)

Update : Feb 17 (Sat), 2018

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LOST satellite "IMAGE"         
FMN-1, Shaonian-Xing docoding  
Spacecube and X-Cubesat decoder
 Satellites telemetry and analysis    Satellite related contents    WiSP information update

 Satellites frequency    CO-65 earth    XI-V earth    XI-IV earth    NOAA weather

 Meteor-M N2 weather    Terra/Aqua/Suomi-NPP earth

 LINUX USB boot (JP)    Satellites on LINUX USB #1, #2

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 Satellites (alphabetized)

 Satellites Telemetry and Analysis Update

 (Launch order)
  Sputnik-1                The first satellite, Sputnik-1
  MIR                      MIR information
  ISS                      ISS Packet and PMS etc.
  AO-7  (Oscar-B)          AO-7, Lazarus since 1974!
  AO-10 (Phase-3B)         FFTDSP images with a program
  UO-11 (UoSAT-2)          Telemetry analysis with Uo11DEM
  FO-12 (JAS-1)            30th anniversary of "Fuji-Oscar"
  RS-12 (Sputnik)          CW telemetry format
  RS-13 (Sputnik)          CW telemetry analysis
  AO-13 (Phase-3C)         Loop test
  UO-14 (UoSAT-3)          Digital loop test and report
  RS-15 (Sputnik)          Information
  RS-16 (Sputnik)          CW telemetry format
  AO-16 (PACSAT)           Reconfigured
  DO-17 (DOVE)             Telemetry analysis with DXTERM
  LO-19 (LUSAT)            Telemetry with WiSP32 / Eclipse
  FO-20 (JAS-1b)           PSK heard
  RS-20 (Mozhayets)        Russian "Mozhayetz" launched
  RS-21 (Sputnik)          CW telemetry format
  RS-22 (Mozhayets)        Russian "Mozhayetz 4" CW
  UO-22 (UoSAT-5)          Digipeater and telemetry etc.
  KO-23 (KITSAT-A)         Analysis with WiSP-TLM
  KO-25 (KITSAT-B)         Analysis with WiSP-TLM
  RS-25 (Mozhayets)        Russian "Mozhayetz-5" CW
  SAFIR-S                  Information
  IO-26 (ITAMSAT)          Telemetry files with WiSP32
  AO-27 (EYESAT-A)         Telemetry files with Ao27TLM
  FO-29 (JAS-2)            PSK & CW format with Fo29TLME
  RS-30 (Yubileiny)        Russian "Yubileiny"
  TO-31 (TMSAT-1)          Telemetry files with DTLM
  GO-32 (TechSat-1b)       Telemetry files with TechTime
  SO-33 (SEDSAT-1)         Telemetry files with SGS20
  SO-35 (SUNSAT-1)         Analysis with WiSP32
  UO-36 (UoSAT-12)         Telemetry files with DTLM
  OO-38 (OPAL)             Telemetry files with EXTERM
  RS-39 (Chibis-M)         Russian "Chibis-M"
  AO-40 (Phase-3D)         Phase-3D(AO-40) various data
  SO-41 (SaudiSat-1A)      Telemetry files with WiSP32
  SO-42 (SaudiSat-1B)      about SaudiSat
  SO-43 (Starshine)        Telemetry analysis
  NO-44 (PCSAT-1)          Telemetry calculation etc.
  NO-45 (Sapphire)         Carrier image and digitalker
  MO-46 (TiungSat-1)       Telemetry files with WiSP32
  BO-47/48 (IDEFIX)        Wave, Tone, Breizh
  AO-49 (Rubin-2)          SAFIR-M telemetry decoded
  SO-50 (Saudisat-1C)      Saudisat-1C active
  QuakeSat                 QuakeSat KISS beacon
  AO-51 (Echo)             ECHO launched, TlmEcho, MixW2
  VO-52 (Hamsat)           HAMSAT launched
  Unisat-2                 Unisat-2 information
  PCSAT-2                  Telemetry, digipeater
  UWE-1                    1200bps AFSK
  NOAA-12,15,17,18,19      Weather images with WXtoImg
  XO-53 (SSETI Express)    Beacon
  AO-54 (SuitSat-1)        Deployed at 08:02, 3 Feb 2006
  CO-55,57 (CubeSats)      CUTE-I , XI-IV of JAPAN
  CO-56 (CUTE-1.7)         Launch prediction and info.
  CO-58 (XI-V)             CW, Packet, Pictures
  NCube-2                  Information
  SEEDS                    Frequency and keps update
  HO-59 (HITSAT)           Launch information
  GeneSat-1                with TacSat-2/Minotaur-1
  NO-60/61 (RAFT/ANDE)     Operations with STS-116
  NO-62 (FCAL)/NMARS       Operations with STS-116
  PO-63 (PehuenSat-1)      Argentina sats, telemetry
  CamoeSat-1               Portuguese satellite project
  LIBERTAD-1, CAPE-1       DNEPR-2 and CubeSats successful
  CP-4                     How to decode CP-4 telemetry
  COMPASS-1                Beacon Decoder
  AAUSAT-II                FFSK/MSK recorded
  DO-64 (DELFI-C3)         RASCAL
  CO-65 (CUTE-1.7+APDII)   AFSK, GMSK, SRLL / Earth pictures
  CO-66 (SEEDS-II)         Digitalker and SSTV
  PRISM                    CW telemetry analysis, AFSK, GMSK / Earth pictures, HAM Service
  KAGAYAKI                 Unknown
  SOHLA-1                  Earth picture, Telemetry
  STARS                    CW telemetry analysis & AFSK
  KKS-1                    CW, AFSK format
  ANUSAT                   India MicroSat
  PharmaSat-1              AFSK decoded
  CP-6                     AFSK beacon
  ANDE-2, DRAGONSat        Deployed from STS-127
  SO-67 (SumbandilaSat)    Oceansat-2, BEESAT, UWE-2, ITU-pSat1, SwissCube-1
  HO-68 (XW-1, CAS-1)      Launch 15 Dec 2009 / Digital
  UNITEC-1                 Negai*", WASEDA-SAT2, KSAT information
  Explorer 1 Prime         E1P, Hermes, KySat-1 information
  TIsat-1                  StudSat, SuitSat-2, FUNcube information, Launch
  FUNcube                  Launch information, FUNcube Dongle test #0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8
  FO-69/70 (FASTRAC)       FASTRAC-1/2, RAX-1, O/OREOS, NanoSail-D2
  CAERUS                   Southern California CubeSat
  ARISSat-1                ARISSat-1 Launch #1,#2,#3,#4,#5
  AO-71 (AubieSat-1)       and RAX-2, M-Cubed, E1P-U2, DICE-1/2 / Replay, Soundmodem_9k6
  SRMSAT, Jugnu            India Satellites
  ESA selected             ALMASat-1, e-st@r, Goliat, MaSat-1(MO-72), PW-Sat1, Robusta, UNICubeSAT, Xatcobeo / #1,#2,#3,#4,#5
  HORYU-2                  Kyusyu IT Japan / Separation, Soundmodem
  PROITERES                Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
  NOSS CubeSats            CINEMA, CSSWE, CP-5, CXBN, AENEAS, SMDC-ONE, Horus, Re, Aerocube-4 / Analysis
  TechEdSat-1              and F-1
  ISS_KIBO CubeSats #1     FITSAT-1, F-1, RAIKO, TechEdSat-1, WE_WISH / Launch, Analysis, Release, Pictures, 5.84GHz, LED
  KN-SAT1                  Sudanese first CubeSat
  TugSat-1                 and SARAL, Sapphire, NEOSSat, UniBRITE, AAUSat-3, STRaND-1 / Analysis
  OSSI-1                   and SOMP, BEESAT-2/3, Bion-M1, AIST-2, Dove-1/2
  ESEO (FUNcube-4)         European Student Earth Orbiter
  Lapan-Tubsat             Earth observation satellite
  PhoneSat1                NASA's Smartphone Nanosatellite PhoneSat1 and Dove-1/2 / Picture
  CubeBug-1                and NEE-01 Pegaso, TURKSAT-3USAT / Beacon, Capitan Beto, Replay, Debris
  ESTCube-1                Estonia first CubeSat / 9k6
  CUSat-1/2, DANDE         Launch on SpaceX / Decoded
  ISS_KIBO CubeSats #2     PicoDragon, ArduSat-1, ArduSat-X, TechEdSat-3
  NASA ELaNa NanoSats .... Black Knight-1, CAPE-2(LO-75), ChargerSat-1, COPPER, CSIP, DragonSat-1, Firefly, Ho'oponopono-2, KySat-2
                           Lunar Orbiter/Lander CubeSat, NPS-SCAT, ORSES, ORS Tech-1,2, ORS-3, PhoneSat2.4, Prometheus-1,2,3,4, Rampart
                           SENSE-1,2, STARE-B, STPSat-3, SwampSat, TetherSat, TJ3Sat, Trailblazer-1, Vermont Lunar Cubesat / Dashboard
  UniSat-5 ............... AprizeSat-7,8, BPA-3, BRITE-PL, CINEMA-2,3, CubeBug-2(LO-74), Delfi-n3Xt, Dove-3/4, DubaiSat-2, Eagle-1,2(MO-76)
                           e-st@r-II, First-MOVE, FUNcube-1(AO-73), GOMX-1, HiNCube, Humsat-D, ICUBE-1, NEE-02 Krysaor, OPTOS, PUCP-SAT-1
                           Pocket-PUCP, Qubescout-S1, SkySat-1, STSat-3, Triton-1,2, UWE-3, VELOX-P2, WNISAT-1, Wren, ZACube-1 / First Decoded
  NROL39 Atlas V ......... AeroCube-5, ALICE, CUNYSAT-1, FIREBIRD-1/2, IPEX(CP-8), MCubed-2, SMDC-ONE(Charlie), SMDC-ONE(David), SNaP, TacSat-6
  ISS_KIBO CubeSats #3     LituanicaSAT-1(LO-78), LitSat-1, ArduSat-2, SkyCube, UAPSat-1, Chasqui-1
  JAXA GPM SmallSats       STARS-II, ShindaiSat, TeikyoSat-3, KSAT2, OPUSAT(400bps,Decoder), INVADER(CO-77,DigiTalker,ART), ITF-1
  Falcon Satellites        KickSat, Sprites, All-Star/THEIA, Phonesat2.5, SporeSat, TSAT(TestSat-Lite)
  Dnepr Sats, List ....... ANTELSAT, BugSat-1, DTUsat-2 #1/#2/#3/#4/#5/#6/#7, Duchifat-1, ESTELLE, NanoSatC-Br1, PACE, Perseus-M1/M2, PolyITAN-1
                           POPSAT-HIP1, QB50p1(FUNcube-3/EO-79), QB50p2(EO-80), TabletSat-Aurora, TigriSat, UniSat-6, UNSA-SAT1 / First Decoded
  PSLV Satellites ........ AISat, CanX-4/5, VELOX-I, IiNUSat
  Soyuz Satellites         AISSat-2, Baumanets-2, DX-1, FUNcube-2, Meteor-M N2 #1/#2, M3MSat, Relek, SkySat-2, TechDemoSat-1, UKube-1, Venta-1
  4M-LXS                   Manfred Memorial Moon Mission
  Antares                  RACE, GOMX-2
  Dnepr (RS-20)            ASNARO-1, ChubuSat-1, Hodoyoshi-1, QSAT-EOS, TSUBAME / Launch
  SpinSat                  Payload to ISS
  Hayabusa-2 SmallSats     ARTSAT2-DESPATCH(FO-81), SHIN'EN2(FO-82), PROCYON / Launch
  Terra/Aqua/Suomi-NPP     Terra/Aqua/Suomi-NPP earth observing satellites
  Meteor-M N2              Weather satellite and Himawari-8 / Update
  Himawari-8               Himawari-8 first image and Meteor-M N2 image processing
  Delta-2                  ExoCube-1(CP-10), FIREBIRD-3/4, GRIFEX, SMAP
  Lambda-Sat               and TechEdSat-4 deployed from ISS
  LightSail-A              and ARC-1, BisonSat, BRICsat-P(NO-83), Fox-1A(AO-85), PSat-A/B(NO-84), PTecSat, USS Langley
  Progress M-27M           Signal received
  Falcon-9R                AESP14, AggieSat-4, Bevo-2, SERPENS
  DeorbitSail              DeorbitSail Launch
  LAPAN-A2/ORARI,ITASAT-1  Indonesian LAPAN-A2/ORARI(IO-86) and Brazilian ITASAT-1
  Chinese satellites #1    LilacSat-2, Tiantuo-3, XW-2, ZDPS-2
  Chinese satellites #2    CAS-2, CAS-3
  Chinese satellites #3    XW-2A~2F, DCBB, LilacSat-2, NUDT-Phone-Sat / 19k2, Decoding, Analyzing, Decoder
  Chinese satellites #4    TW-1A(Tianwang-1A,SECM-1), TW-1B(Tianwang-1B,NJUST-2), TW-1C(Tianwang-1C,NJFA-1)
  Chinese satellites #5    LQSat
  Chinese satellites #6    CAS-2T, KS-1Q, TY-1, Pegasus-1
  Chinese satellites #7    BY70-1
  Chinese satellites #8    CAS-4A/4B, NuSat-3
  AAUSat-5, GomX-3         to ISS by H-IIB F5 and KOUNOTORI-5 / Decoding, Analyzing
  Fox Project              AMSAT-NA Fox Project
  Fox-1A/1B/1C/1D          Fox-1A(AO-85), Fox-1B(RadFXSat,AO-91), Fox-1C(Cliff), Fox-1D(AO-92), ARC-1, BisonSat / AO-85_DUV
  Spark Satellites         Argus, EDSN 1-8, HawaiiSat-1(HiakaSat-1), ORS-Squared, PrintSat, STACEM, STU-1, Supernova-Beta
  Cosmos-2468              Russian communications satellite
  PSLV-C29                 Athenoxat-1, Galassia, VELOX-2 / New beacon
  ASTRO-H                  ChubuSat-2/3, HORYU-4 / Launch, 2.4GHz, DigiSinger, 1k2_AFSK, Milky_Way(S-band), Status
  AAUSAT-4                 and e-st@r-II, OUFTI-1 / Decoding, Analyzing, Decoder
  AIST-2D (RS-48)          and SamSat-218D
  Atras-5                  CADRE, MinXSS-1, Nodes-1/2, SERPENS, STMSat-1, XS-Sat / Deployed
  NuSat-1/2 (LUSEX,LO-87)  Argentina satellite / 40k0
  Cartosat-2C              BEESAT-4, BIROS, Max Valier, Sathyabamasat, Swayam COEP, Venta-1 / Decoding, Analyzing
  3CAT-2                   3CAT-2 BPSK 9600bps
  ALSAT-1N                 and Pratham
  ISS_KIBO CubeSats #4 ... AOBA-VeloxIII, EGG, FREEDOM, ITF-2(TO-89), STARS-C, TuPOD
                           WASEDA-SAT3, Tancredo-1(UbatubaSat), TechEdSat-5, UBAKUSAT / Update, Release
  FUNcube Project ........ FUNcube-1(AO-73), FUNcube-2(on UKube-1), FUNcube-3(EO-79/QB50p1), FUNcube-4(ESEO)
  Nayif-1                  FUNcube-5(EO-88) / Dashboard, Arabic
  IITMSAT ................ IITMSAT, Max Valier, Venta-1
  Falcon-9 ............... 3CAT-1, Arkyd-6, Aalto-1, Canyval-X 1/2, BlackSky Pathfinder-1/2, CNUSail-1
                           DIDO-1, EcAMSat, eXCITe(PTB-1), Fox-1C(Cliff), Fox-1D(AO-92), FORMOSAT-5, ISARA
                           KAUSAT-5, OCSD B/C, ROBUSTA-1B, SIGMA(KHUSAT-3), skCUBE, STEP-1, SUCHAI
  QB50 Project ........... 14-BISAT, Aalto-2, ANUSAT-2, Aoxiang-1, Atlantis, BeEagleSat, BUSA-1, Challenger, Columbia
                           DelFFI-Delta/Phi, CSUNSat1, DeltaDsat, Discovery, DragSail-CubeSat, DUTHSAT, EntrySat
                           ExAlta-1, GAMASAT, HAVELSAT, Hoopoe, i-INSPIRE-2, InflateSail, LilacSat-1(LO-90), LINK
                           LituanicaSAT-2, Nano-JASMINE, NJUST-1, nSight-1, NUDTSat, OGMS-SA, Pegasus, PHOENIX
                           PICASSO, PolyITAN-2-SAU, QARMAN, QBEE, QBITO, QBUS, RIOSAT, RoBiSAT-1/2, SamSa, SAT_IP2
                           SIMBA, SNUSAT-1/1b, SOMP2, SpaceCube, STU-1, SUSat, UCLSat, UNSW-EC0, UPSat, URSA MAIOR
                           VZLUsat-1, X-CubeSat, YUsend-QB50, ZA-AeroSat, ZJU-CubeSat / Update,#1,#2,#3
  QB50 satellites ........ 3-Diamonds, Aalto-1, COMPASS-2(DragSail), D-SAT, InflateSail, LituanicaSAT-2, Max Valier Sat
                           NIUSAT, NUDTSat, Pegasus, ROBUSTA-1B, skCUBE, SUCHAI, UCLSat, URSA MAIOR, Venta-1, VZLUsat-1 / Launch
  Constellation Sats ..... BIRD-B,G,J,M,N
  Sat of TU Berlin ....... TechnoSat
  Russian Satellites ..... Tomsk-TPU-120(RS04S), Tanusha-SWSU-1/2(RS-6S/RS-7S) / Release
  FalconSAT-3 ............ using WiSP #1,#2,#3,#4,#5
  QIKCOM-1 ............... Sprites, QIKCOM-1
  Fox series ............. Fox-1B(RadFXsat,AO-91)) and Fox series
  Fox-1B (RadFxSat,AO-91)  Fox-1B(RadFxSat,AO-91), MakerSat-0, CP-7(DAVE), EagleSat-1 / Launch 
  OSIRIS-3U .............. OSIRIS-3U, OPAL, LAICE-1, DISCOSAT-1, Dellingr/RBLE, ASTERIA, AOSAT-1
  EcAMSAT ................ EcAMSAT, ISARA, Asgardia-1, TechEdSat-6
  D-Star ONE  ............ SEAM, Meteor-M N2-1, HA-1
  Fox-1D (AO-92) ......... Fox-1D(AO-92), Canyval-X 1/2, CNUSail-1, INS-1C, Irvine01, KAUSAT-5, PicSat, STEP Cube Lab / Decoding
  Fox-1E (RadFxSat-2) .... Fox-1E(RadFxSat-2), ExoCube-2(CP-12), ALBus, CACTUS-1, CAPE-3, INCA, MicroMAS-2b, MiTEE-1, PICS-1/2, PolarCube, Q-PACE
  TY-2,3,4,5,6 ........... Xiaoxiang-2,3,4,5,6
  IMAGE .................. LOST satellite
  FMN-1 .................. D-Star ONE PHOENIX, FMN-1, GOMX-4A/4B, Shaonian-Xing, NuSat-4/5, Shaonian-Xing, Zhangheng-1 / Docoding
  Minotaur-C-3210 ........ COPPER-2, MinXSS-2, RANGE-A/B
  Falcon Heavy ........... Armadillo, CP-9(LEO), LightSail-B, NPSat-1, Oculus-ASR, Prox-1, StangSat, TBEX-A/B, TEPCE-1/2
  LightSail-2 ............ Morse code beacon
  KickSat-2 .............. KickSat-2 on NASA ELaNa program
  Phase-4 ................ Es'HailSat-2

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