Delfi-n3Xt, FUNcube-1, KySat-2 dashboard


  First, access to (DUDe.jar)

  Click "Register", and imput UserName and Password which is not the account of Delfi-C3,
  and press "Login". The following image is an image immediately after login.


  Download and extract Delfi-n3xt Decoder "" after "Download DUDe" click, and
  run "DUDe.jar" in "DUDe 4.7" folder of your PC. Then input UserName and Password.
  There was a trouble that was written below in Ver4.7 and it was revised in Ver5.0

  New DUDe telemetry client
  Attached is an improved DUDe client. The phase locked loop is a bit more
  improved and the signal indicator is adjusted. The previous version indicated
  a center frequency of 1600 Hz, which was some heritage from Delfi-C3.
  The transmitted bandwidth of Delfi-n3Xt is about 4500Hz, so with a center
  frequency of 1600 Hz the lower part of the band which would 'virtually' be
  below 0 Hz is actually reflected back inverted in the low audio frequencies
  causing more perceived noise. The best tuning center frequency is about 2200Hz.


  (1) Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  (3) DashboardInstaller_msi.renamed -> DashboardInstaller.msi
  (4) DashboardInstaller.msi and FUNcube Dashboard Setup
  (5) Dashboard.exe
  (6) FUNcube-1 Dashboard


Delfi-n3Xt DUDe, FunCube-1 Dashboad trouble

Delfi-n3Xt DUDe (GS reception)

  On 13 November 2013 we noticed a problem in our telemetry client and/or the
  telemetry server, causing a server overload. The link to registration has
  temporarily been removed. If you already downloaded the DUDe client, please
  remove this version from the PC. We will reopen registration and release
  a new version of the client as soon as possible and before the launch.

  Thank you for registering as participating radio amateur for the telemetry
  reception of Delfi-n3Xt!

  Unfortunately we have discovered a major problem with our telemetry client
  DUDe which makes abusive connections to our telemetry server (even without
  frames being received) which leads to a collapse of our server eventually.
  We have tested our system, but not apparently not extensively enough to
  discover this before we made the system publically available.

  I would kindly like to ask you to close the DUDe client directly if you
  currently have this running. This way we can leave the accounts intact.
  We will try to fix this problem as soon as we can and release a new version
  of the client before the launch. I will keep you updated. [Revised Ver5.0]

FUNcube-1 New Dashboard (GS dashboard)

  Dashboard Version 1.0.800.1 was published on GS's web. But there are still
  problems. It is shut down soon when "File - Settings" or "Help".
  So I posted now a query in the comment to GS of FUNcube-1.

FUNcube-1 Dashboard test (GS documents)

  There is no progress of Dashboard. I tried to test it using the current Ver 800.
  Note in this version, it will shut down when we did "File-Settings" or "Help".

  Download: FUNcube Dashboard Installer v800 (1.0.800.1) [Revised v809]

  Download: Example 1 - EM 23 Sept 2013 (13kB)

  Dashboard: Capture -> Capture From File
             Open session -> captureEM-23sept2013(2).funcubebin




KySat-2 Dashboard (GS dashboard)

  This "KySat-2 Dashboard" was published on GS's web, and this dashboard
  is possible to boot properly.


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