Delfi-n3Xt First Decode using FCD


01:23-01:38 UTC, 18 Jan 2014, Ele 77 N-W-WS, 145.870MHz 2400bps BPSK
First Decoded using FCD + HDSDR + DUDe

I wrote about FCD(FUNcube Dongle Pro) and the point of how to decode
Delfi-n3Xt signal by this method.

1. FCD Concept (C)PA3GUO

I link to some articles of Japanese references in that page.

2. FCD Obtaining

I described how to get FCD and install it.

3. FCD How to Install

Because there are individual differences in FCD, and adjust
to put the appropriate values for each satellite Frequency_
Offsets in Settings. The adjusted value was approximately
+15kHz in V_band and +45kHz in U_band.

4. HDSDR, DUDe Obtaining

Install DUDe by setting the UserName, etc., and Satellite
signal flows as follows. "Antenna -> FCD -> PC -> HDSDR -> DUDe"

5. FCD Snapshot by JE9PEL

The sound can be demodulate perfectly and decode in MixW
such as FM setting. Set up to Mixer in Control Panel of PC.
And set up Input: FCD, Output: Soundcard in SDR
and set up Input: Soundcard in DUDe software.

6. How to decode Delfi-n3Xt SDR by JA0CAW

It is a point that is fit to 2300Hz the center of the
received signal, and spread to 4500Hz the reception band.

7. Tips of LO, Tune frequency setting in HDSDR by JE1CVL

Set the frequency of a few +kHz shifted slightly in LO Frequency
because the spurious will apearein it. Set to Tune Frequency
the reception frequency of the object. Increase or decrease as
the left and right click for the adjustment or drag the blue band.

8. Delfi-n3Xt Successfully Decoded by JE9PEL/1

LO frequency was set to a higher about 145.890MHz.
And while dragging the blue band width as fit to an orange width
of the satellite signal, I could decode finally in DUDe software.

9. FCD + SDR# No.1

As can be seen by looking at the yellow band of the received
signal of APRS, my FCD will find that there are individual
error of about 15kHz in V_band in this state. Therefore,
correct by satcontral_fcd software for the satellite.

10. FCD + SDR# No.2

The signal was weak with two passes in today(19Jan2014) morning,
so it was not able to decode. However, I got the feeling that
could be decoded by SDR #. "Delfi-n3Xt + FCD + PC + SDR# + DUDe"

11. FCD + SDR# No.3

I was successfully decoded Delfi-n3Xt by "SDR# + DUDe".
Run SDR# -> Set frequency in SDR#
-> Run satcontrol_fcd -> "connect FUNcube dongle"
-> Expert -> Frequency Offsets -> SDR# "Play"

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