SEEDS-II Digitalker and SSTV

Digitalker received by JE9PEL

SEEDS-II on 3.May.2008, 0040UTC 437.485MHz
Vioce of school children and SSTV. (Deleted)

This voice means that
> Hello all to you of the world.
> We are children of Tsuboi Elementary School in Funabashi City.
> We pray for peace of the world and take good care of the nature.
> We, Tsuboi's children love this earth.
> We will make the bright future.

SEEDS-II clear SSTV received by DK3WN

JE9PEL put SSTV signals received from SEEDS-II.

JE1CVL decoded using by 'MMSSTV' as this image.

Cf. How to show SSTV

SEEDS-II SSTV received by DK3WN

Erstes empfangenes SSTV von SEEDS-II am 02.05.2008, 1130UTC 437.485MHz
Mode Robot 36. Aufgrund der sehr niedrigen Elevation (6deg) war der
Empfang nicht ganz rauschfrei.

First received SSTV of SEEDS-II at the 02.05.2008, 1130UTC 437.485MHz
Mode Robot 36.  On the basis of the very low elevation (6deg),
the reception was not quite noiseless.

Simple SEEDS-II CW Telemetry Decoder

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