UniSat-5 and its payloads

UniSat-5 / AprizeSat-7,8, BPA-3, BRITE-PL, CINEMA-2,3, CubeBug-2, Delfi-n3Xt
Dove-4, DubaiSat-2, Eagle-1,2, E-Star-2, First-MOVE, FUNcube-1, GOMX-1, HiNCube
Humsat-D, ICUBE-1, NEE-02 Krysaor, OPTOS, PUCP-SAT-1, Pocket-PUCP, Qubescout-S1
SkySat-1, STSat-3, Triton-1,2, UWE-3, VELOX-P2, WNISAT-1, Wren, ZACube-1
NanoSats of Europe, USA, and South America etc. are planed to release with UniSat-5 by DNEPR rocket from Dombarovsky SC, near Yasny, Russia on 07:11 UTC, 21 Nov.2013. I, JE9PEL introduce now these satellites in the order. (C)IARU 1. AprizeSat-7,8 (non-amateur) SpaceQuest, USA Global communication system http://www.spacequest.com/ 2. BPA-3 (non-amateur) Hartron-Arkos, Ukraine Technology http://www.arkos.kharkov.ua/index_e.php 3. BRITE-PL Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland 437.365MHz, 2234.400MHz http://www.brite-pl.pl/index_en.html 4. CINEMA-2 (KHUSat-1) (non-amateur) CINEMA-3 (KHUSat-2) (non-amateur) CINEMA consortium, USA/South Korea/UK UCB/SSL (University of California Berkeley/Space Sciences Laboratory) ICL (Imperial College London), London, UK KHU (Kyung Hee University), Seoul, Korea NASA/ARC (Ames Research Center), Mountain View, CA https://directory.eoportal.org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/c-missions/cinema 5. CubeBug-2 Ministry of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation, Argentina 437.445MHz, 1200bps, AFSK / 9600bps FSK, GMSK http://2.cubebug.org/ 6. Delfi-n3Xt Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Uplink 435.530-435.570MHz Downlink 145.880-145.920MHz Telemetry and Beacons 145.870/145.930MHz, 2405.000MHz http://www.delfispace.nl/delfi-n3xt/ http://delfi-n3xt.lr.tudelft.nl/radioamateur/ 7. Dove-3,4 (non-amateur) Cosmogia Inc. / Planet Labs, USA Technology http://planet-labs.com/ 8. DubaiSat-2 (non-amateur) EIAST, United Arab Emirates Earth Observation, Technology https://www.satreci.com/eng/ 9. Eagle-1 (BeakerSat-1) Morehead State University, USA 437.465MHz, 9600bps GFSK AX.25 http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=184 Eagle-2 ($50SAT) Morehead State University, USA 437.505MHz, 9600bps GFSK AX.25 http://www.50dollarsat.info/ 10.E-Star-2 Politecnico di Torino, Italy 437.485MHz, 1200bps AFSK CW http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/formal_detail.php?serialnum=241 11.First-MOVE Technical University of Munchen, Germany Uplink 435.520MHz, Downlink 145.970, 1200bps BPSK http://www.move2space.de/ 12.FUNcube-1 AMSAT-NL, Netherlands Uplink 435.150-435.130MHz (Inverting) Downlink 145.950-145.970MHz Beacon 145.935MHz BPSK http://funcube.org.uk/ https://warehouse.funcube.org.uk/ 13.GOMX-1 GomSpace Aps, Denmark 437.250MHz, 1k2/2k4/4k8/9k6 GMSK http://gomspace.com/ 14.HiNCube Narvik University College, Norway 437.305MHz http://www.hincube.com/about-hincube 15.Humsat-D University of Vigo, Spain 437.325/437.525MHz http://www.humsat.org/ 16.ICUBE-1 Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan Uplink 435.060MHz, Downlink 145.947MHz, 1200bps BPSK http://www.icube.org.pk/ 17.NEE-02 Krysaor (non-amateur) Ecuador Downlink 910.000MHz http://www.exa.ec/index-en.html http://www.exa.ec/nee-02-eng.htm 18.OPTOS (non-amateur) INTA, Netherlands https://directory.eoportal.org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/o/optos 19.PUCP-SAT-1 Pontifical Catholic University, Peru Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Uplink 145.840MHz, Downlink 145.840, 1200bps AFSK Secondary link 437.200MHz http://inras.pucp.edu.pe/en/proyectos/pucp-sat-1/especificaciones-del-satelite/ 20.Pocket-PUCP Pontifical Catholic University, Peru Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru 437.200MHz 1200bps AFSK,CW http://inras.pucp.edu.pe/en/proyectos/pucp-sat-1/galeria-de-fotos/ 21.Qubescout-S1 UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) Physics Dept-LACO, USA 437.525MHz, 9600bps GMSK http://userpages.umbc.edu/~martins/laco/projects.htm 22.SkySat-1 (non-amateur) Skybox Imaging, USA Earth observation, High resolution panchromatic and Multispectral images http://www.skyboximaging.com/ 23.STSat-3 (non-amateur) KAIST, South Korea Technology, Astronomy, Earth observation 24.Triton-1 ISIS-BV (Innovative Solutions In Space BV), Netherlands Downlink Main 145.815 / Backup 145.860MHz, 1200bps RC-BPSK U/V (435-145MHz) FM to DSB transponder U/S (435-2400MHz) FM to FM transponder http://www.isispace.nl/cms/index.php/projects/triton-missions http://www.isispace.nl/HAM/ Triton-2 ISIS-BV (Innovative Solutions In Space BV), Netherlands Downlink Main 145.860 / Backup 145.815MHz, 1200bps RC-BPSK S-band downlink 2408.000MHz U/V (435-145MHz) FM to DSB transponder U/S (435-2400MHz) FM to FM transponder http://amsat-uk.org/2012/01/07/triton-1-and-triton-2/ 25.UniSat-5 GAUSS (La Sapienza University of Rome), Italy 437.175/437.425MHz, UHF 9600bps GMSK AX.25 http://www.gaussteam.com/ 26.UWE-3 University of Wuerzburg, Germany 436.395/437.385MHz, 9600bps GMSK CW http://www7.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de/forschung/space_exploration/projects/uwe_3/ 27.VELOX-P2 Nanyang Techonological University, Singapore Uplink 437.305MHz, Downlink 145.980MHz, 1200bps BPSK http://www.ntu.edu.sg/Pages/index.aspx 28.WNISAT-1 (non-amateur) Weather News Inc. / AXELSPACE, Japan Monitoring of the Northern sea routes and CO2 content of the atmosphere http://en.axelspace.com/solution/ 29.Wren StaDoKo UG, Germany 437.405MHz, 1200bps FSK CW http://www.stadoko.de/ 30.ZACube-1 F'SATI, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa Uplink 145.860MHz, Downlink 437.355MHz, Beacon 14.099MHz http://www.cput.ac.za/blogs/fsati/zacube-1/ [Reference] http://www.zarya.info/blog/?p=1745 http://www.gaussteam.com/unisat-5/ https://directory.eoportal.org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/u/unisat-5 (C)ST2NH

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