ISS + HTV6, STARS-C released

ISS + HTV6 successful Capture! at 10:37 UTC, 13 Dec 2016


ojos.exe (save to avi) -> aviutl.exe (edit avi) -> AVCFree.exe (convert to wmv)

(C)Mynavi Corporation

Launch: 19 Dec 2016, 08:30-09:30 UTC
Satellite: STARS-C (2U type) of Shizuoka University, Japan

                    Downlink   Beacon    Mode            Callsign
STARS-C (Mother)    437.405    437.245   1200bps FM,CW   JJ2YPL
STARS-C (Daughter)  437.425    437.255   1200bps FM,CW   JJ2YPM

STARS-C released successfully at 08:50 UTC, 19 Dec 2016


STARS-C rendezvous with ISS (Tottori City Official Site in Japan)

(C)Shizuoka University

JAXA announced another 6 CubeSats transported to ISS by HTV-6 will deploy at Jan, 2017.

STARS-C (Mother) CW confirmed

I confirmed STARS-C Mother CW, 5 times with a pass of the maximum elevation angle 3 degrees.
The figure below is one of them. The decode is impossible because it is low elevation angle.

STARS-C (Mother) 437.245MHz CW
10:15-10:20 UTC, 20 Dec 2016, Ele  3 W-WS
09:21-09:29 UTC, 21 Dec 2016, Ele 10 W-WS-S

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