DTUsat-2 Telemetry Analysis 2.4GHz #4

Automatic tracking DTUsat-2 2.4GHz using "Orbitron + DDE + SDR#1489"
<add key="fftOffset" value="-50.0" /> in SDRSharp.exe.Config



2.4GHz  [How to set 2400MHz in SDR#]
DDE_in  [SDR# setup + DDE install]
SDR_sb  [How to set SDR# to target S-band]

DTUsat-1/2 project

Both of the satellites were developed by National Space Institute at the Technical University, Denmark
DTUsat-1 was launched on 30 June 2003 together with Japanese Cubesats XI-IV, CUTE-I etc.
DTUsat-2 was launched on 19 June 2014 together with BugSat-1, UniSat-6, NanoSatC-Br1 etc.

The CW signal of DTUsat-1 is supposed here to be heard.

          ID     Uplink    Downlink  Beacon    Mode             Status
DTUsat-1  27842      .         .      437.475  2k4 AFSK,CW      inactive
DTUsat-2  40030  1268.900  2401.835  2401.845  9k6CPFSK/1k2MSK  active


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