PRISM HAM Service test

I received PRISM, 437.425MHz 1200bps AFSK signal at 05:16-05:29UTC, 16 Jul 2011.

Received at 05:23UTC, 16 Jul 2011 by JE9PEL/1

And JA0CAW received PRISM HAM service test signal at 06:59-07:59 11 Jul 2011.
The HAM service of PRISM will open soon.

Received at 06:59UTC, 11 Jul 2011 by JA0CAW

And I, JE9PEL tried to decode PRISM HAM service test signal received by JA0CAW
on 10 Jul 2011. You will understand that Satellite Callsign and ID numbers are
included in the messages. I decoded them using MixW3 software this time.

How to replay a wave file

(1) Start - Settings - Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices
(2) Voice - Recording sound - Volume - Check Wave or Monaural Mixer
(3) MixW3 - Mode - Packet
(4) MixW3 - Mode - MOde settings -  Modem - VHF 1200 baud (Standard)
(5) Play a wave file by Windows Media Player
(6) Then it's decoded automatically as follows.

11:51:39 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=153..

11:51:41 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=155..

11:51:42 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=156..

11:51:43 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=157..

11:51:44 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=158..

11:51:45 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=159..

11:51:46 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=160..

11:51:47 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=161..

11:51:48 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=162..

11:51:49 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=163..

11:51:50 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=164..

11:51:52 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=165..

11:51:53 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=166..

11:51:55 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=167..

11:51:56 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=168..

11:52:03 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1194 baud):
.....hamThank You!JQ1YCX_ID=172..

Southgate Amateur Radio News
PRISM Satellite 437.425 MHz

The Amateur Radio functions of the PRISM satellite have been tested
and it is hoped it will be generally available soon.

Built by students at Tokyo university PRISM stands for Pico-satellite
for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions. 
It was launched Jan 23, 2009 and has the callsign JQ1YCX. 

It carries a beacon on 437.250 MHz and a data downlink on 437.425 MHz.
It is understood the power of the downlink can be up to 3 watts.

On the AMSAT bulletin board Mineo Wakita JE9PEL writes:

The test of HAM service of PRISM was worked today,
16 Jul 2011 05:16-05:29UTC over Japan.
The frequency was 437.425MHz AFSK.
The HAM service of PRISM will open soon.

PRISM HAM service open

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