CADRE, MinXSS, Nodes-1/2, SERPENS, STMSat-1, XS-Sat

SERPENS (C)Calpoly

SERPENS of Brazilian university that I, JE9PEL introduced in My_HP falconsa.htm
is scheduled to be launched by Atras-5 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station towards
ISS on 6 Dec 2015. It will be launched and CADRE, MinXSS, Nodes-1/2, STMSat-1, XS-Sat
in addition to SERPENS. I summarized here the frequency and mode of these satellites.

  University of Brasilia
  3U, 4kg
  SECTOR A: 145.980MHz 9600bps GFSK   AX.25
  SECTOR B: 437.365MHz 1200bps CW/MSK CSP

  University of Michigan
  437.485MHz 9600bps GMSK
  3.404GHz 1Mbit OQPSK

  University of Colorado
  437.350MHz 9600bps GMSK

  Santa Clara University
  437.100MHz 1200bps AFSK
  2401.200-2431.200MHz 115.2kbps FSK

  St. Thomas More Cathedral School
  437.000/437.800MHz 9600bps GMSK,SSTV

  Sonoma State University
  70cm AFSK 1200bps AFSK

[Supplement 1]
SERPENS and S-CUBE deployed 17 Sep 2015


1 99999U          15260.50853470  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 00004
2 99999 051.6680 343.2325 0008236 301.3058 236.4034 15.54737000000019

SECTOR A: 145.980MHz 9600bps GFSK   AX.25
SECTOR B: 437.365MHz 1200bps CW/MSK CSP

SERPENS signal !

21:49-21:59 UTC, 19 Sep 2015, Ele 20 WN-N-E,  437.365MHz 1200bps MSK
23:25-23:35 UTC, 19 Sep 2015, Ele 36 WN-W-NE, 437.365MHz 1200bps MSK

[Supplement 2]
On 6 Dec 2015: Cygnus CRS-4 (OA-4)/ SERPENS/ Flock-2e 1-42/ CADRE/ MinXSS/
Nodes 1&2/ STMSat-1, Atlas-5 Launch (International Space Station), Successful

At 6:19am Wednesday morning, 9 Dec 2015, the Space Station robotic arm
grasped the ORB-4 cargo element and mated it to the ISS.
U.S. resupply of space station successfully resumes

[Supplement 3]

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