SPROUT, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Nihon University, Japan

Launch date: 24 May 2014, 03:05 UTC (12:05 JST)
Launch site: Tanegashima Space Center, Japan

SPROUT will launch at 03:05 UTC, 24 May 2014 by H-2A rocket from
Tanegashima Space Center.  Here is the launch event sked.  SPROUT will
separate at T+37:05 around lat/lon=72S/99E where just above Antractica.


SPROUT Preliminary TLE
1 00000U 14001A   14144.15426352  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    10
2 00000 097.8740 241.6133 0035980 058.6810 194.6458 14.85960816    15

Callsign: JQ1ZJQ
Size:     214x210x220 mm
Weight:   7.1 kg
Mode: 1200bps AFSK, 9600bps GMSK
CW downlink          437.525 MHz
FM packet downlink   437.525 MHz
Digi-peater uplink   437.600 MHz
Digi-talker downlink 437.600 MHz
SSTV downlink        437.600 MHz

ALOS-2 and SPROUT launched successfully at 03:05 UTC, 24 May 2014.

12:25-12:30 UTC, 24 May 2014, Ele 2.4 E-EN,  437.525MHz CW

I'm guessing SPROUT TLE is 2014-029C 39768U 14029C.

SPROUT packet decoded

2014-029C 39768U 14029C
05:04-05:07 UTC, 25 May 2014, Ele 1 NW-W, 437.525MHz 1200bps AFSK

2014-029C 39768U 14029C
14:16-14:29 UTC, 25 May 2014, Ele 82 S-Z-N, 437.525MHz CW/1200bps AFSK
I confirmed SPROUT CW normal mode (G3) in the first half of this path,
and I decoded 1200bps AFSK packets in the second half of this path.

"SPROUT Grand Station Software" will works only on Windows 7, 8, vista
with .NET Framework 4.5 software.

SPROUT TLE verification

When I calculate the path of the satellite in 26 May 2014 using the orbital
calculation software, each satellite are toward the north from the top E(yellow)
to the last A(white). If I specify the time of AOS around 13:00 UTC today,
each satellite will come flying in the following order.

      (last)                              (top)
      white -> red   -> green -> pink  -> yellow
        A        D        B        C        E
      13:07    13:03    13:02    13:00    12:59

SPROUT = Object E
12:59-13:09 UTC, 26 May 2014, Ele 12 SE-E-N, 437.525MHz CW
When I heard CW in this path, I confirmed that SPROUT = 2014-029E 39770U 14029E.

I confirmed that SPROUT_downlink_Soft_Ver.1.01 was worked only on Windows 7, 8,
or vista. Please see [Supplement] below for more details.

By the way, we are thinking that SPROUT = 2014-029E/39770 in our amateur world, but
Satellite Catalogue Numbers are thought as follows in the venerable Russian Zarya site.

  NORAD (all subject to confirmation/change):
  Daichi 2  - 2014-029A/39766
  SPROUT    - 2014-029B/39767
  Rising 2  - 2014-029C/39768
  Uniform 1 - 2014-029D/39769
  Socrates  - 2014-029E/39770

SPROUT, 2014-029E 39770U 14029E
13:16-13:27 UTC, 27 May 2014, Ele 19 SE-E-N, 437.525MHz 9600bps GMSK
14:51-15:03 UTC, 27 May 2014, Ele 30 S-W-WN, 437.525MHz 9600bps GMSK


SPROUT GS said as follows on 28 May 2014,

> "SPROUT downlink software" is a hardware TNC support.
> We are going to create a software for the analysis after reading the data file
> to be decoded in software TNC, and we also are thinking to avoide OS problem
> as can be analyzed in Excel. The downlink frequency is 437.525 MHz in CW mode,
> and it's 437.525/600 MHz in FM mode.

So I, JE9PEL am using always Soundmodem or MixW software on Windows XP using TLE
Object_E to decode SPROUT signal.

NORAD Satellites Catalogue Number were decided as follows. (2014.05.31)

  ALOS-2    - 39766U 14029A
  UNIFORM 1 - 39767U 14029B
  SOCRATES  - 39768U 14029C
  RISING 2  - 39769U 14029D
  SPROUT    - 39770U 14029E

SPROUT Digitalker,SSTV 437.600MHz now.

Received by LU4EOU, 31 May 2014

SPROUT GS said as follows on 31 May 2014,

2014/5/31 Day operation: We conducted 2 operations.
1th: CW:2[dB] FM:6[dB] Battery Voltage: -  [V]
2th: CW:3[dB] FM:9[dB] Battery Voltage:4.53[V]

1st: We couldn't confirm battery voltage.
2nd: We confirmed battery voltage(4.53V).
     We transmitted "Digi-talker(437.600MHz)" command.
     SPROUT received uplink from ground station.
     And, we could listen Digi-talker.
     But we couldn't decode SSTV.

SSTV Scottie-1 received by JE9PEL
14:25-14:37 UTC, 31 May 2014, Ele 64 S-W-WN, 437.600MHz SSTV

Digitalker received by JE9PEL
14:25-14:37 UTC, 31 May 2014, Ele 64 S-W-WN, 437.600MHz Digitalker

"Hello" in the words of the world

I listened carefully the following SPROUT Digitalker file that PY4ZBZ
has received. I tried to examine the words "Hello" which appear after
37 seconds of this file. She was speaking 13 languages in total.

  1. Konnichiwa      ...  Japanese
  2. Hello           ...  English
  3. Bonjour         ...  French
  4. Guten tag       ...  German
  5. Buon giorno     ...  Italian
  6. Buenas tardes   ...  Spanish
  7. Boa tarde       ...  Portuguese
  8. Dobry den       ...  Czech
  9. Namaste         ...  Hindi
 10. Nihao           ...  Chinese
 11. Annyeonghaseyo  ...  Korean
 12. Seen chaw       ...  Vietnamese
 13. Sawatdee kah    ...  Thai


Reply mail in Portuguese from PY4ZBZ
> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita, traduziu as saudaqoes do final da gravaqao. Obrigado Mineo !
> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita, translated the greetings of the last part. Thank you Mineo !

SPROUT Digitalker full text

SPROUT GS said as follows on 1 Jun 2014,

> For operation in the future, we would like to continue the operation
> of SSTV amateur mission and Digitalker on either saturday and sunday
> of every weekend if the operation goes smoothly.


13:40-13:52 UTC, 15 Sep 2014, Ele 35 SE-E-N, 437.600MHz SSTV MC110-N
Received by JE9PEL, JO1PTD, JA0CAW

About by mode MC110-N etc.



JAXA ALOS-2 SmallSats

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