JI1IZR was succeeded in making the ART by using a Processing Program
after decoding the signal in real time from ARTSAT1-INVADER cubesat.
He has the very detailed explanation in the following Japanese site about
how to install the Processing Program and how to draw the beautiful triangles
using ARTSAT1-INVADER Gyro data.



> Since the data obtained from the packet of INVADER have been published
> by the method of API on the Internet, it's possible for anyone to use
> these data.  I, JI1IZR made a drawing program that uses a programming
> language called "Processing", and overwrite the triangle that changed
> the color and position depending on the value of 3 Gyro out of data of

   (C)ARTSAT team

> "ARTSAT1: INVADER" Orbit-synchronized pattern of the Battery state
> "INVADER" is an artificial satellite for the first mission of the
> "ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project." A beautiful pattern in the movie
> is drawn by Processing language, and reflects transition in temperature
> and output-voltage of the battery installed in INVADER. The color of each
> line represents the temperature and the length represents the voltage.
> Because making a circuit in this movie is equivalent to orbiting around
> Earth once for INVADER (about 1.5 hours), the pattern represents
> orbit-synchronized changing of the battery temperature and voltage.
> The data used for the movie can be downloaded at (

INVADER Gyro using Processing Program

I, JE9PEL also has succeeded in drawing the beautiful triangles of
ARTSAT1-INVADER Gyro data using the Processing Program.

"sketch_140629a.pde" will overlaid many triangles with different colors
and positions depending on the value of three Gyro of ARTSAT1-INVADER.
The development of the program by JI1IZR is progressing further now. and it
has been developed "sketch140708a.pde" that can specify the range of dates.
You must be specified UNIX Time (startuTime, enduTime) in the program. The
another conversion tool of UNIX time is required in the current version.


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