CubeBug-1 wav_file replay

CubeBug-1 PolySat-Team [2nd May 2013]

CalPoly (California Polytechnic State University) could receive as a wav file
from CubeBug-1. I downloaded this file "CalPoly_cubebugpacket_1900_4_30.wav.gz"
from Dropbox site. Also this shorten file posted on JA0CAW's blog by him.
I could decode it using MixW and Soundmodem at the same time.


CubeBug-1 replay #1 [3rd May 2013]

CubeBug-1 wav --> MixW --> OnlineKiss --> KissTerm


CubeBug-1 replay #2 [4th May 2013]

CubeBug-1 wav --> Soundmodem --> Agw_Online_Kiss

Soundmodem.ini [13 May 2013]

RXsampleRate=22050 or 44100 in "soundmodem.ini"

CalPoly (California Polytechnic State University) received file

 SR=11025                SR=22050                SR=44100

CubeBug-1 replay #3 [20 May 2013]

I could decode the wav file received by JA6PL setting "CubeBug-1 wav --> MixW".


CubeBug-1 replay #4 [7 Sep 2013]

Soundmodem_1k2 was updated to Ver0.52b.

> SCM v0.52b changes:
> - Improved MEM-recovery feature. That tries to recover corrupted frame from
>   the last frames buffer. It may help if the frames are often repeated, e.g.
>   supervisory frames. You can change the number of last packets in the INI file
>   (by default is "MEMRecovery=100"). Higher value may help on a very noisy path.
>   If you don't need to receive the short non-AX25 frames you can limit minimal
>   length of frame to 17 ("RawPktMinLen=17"). It will reduce the accumulation of
>   unnecessary frames in the buffer.
> SCM v0.51b changes:
> - Limited the number of bits for bit recovery operation (only for undefined
>   state at three different levels of threshold comparator).
>   WARNING! Test showed this option may cause additional erroneous CRC collisions,
>   so use it at your own risk. By default is OFF
> SCM v0.50b changes:
> - Added single bit recovery feature
> - Fixed transmission non-AX.25 frames to application (see option "NonAX25Frm" in the INI file)
> SCM v0.49b changes:
> - Improved RX-part of the modem (improved ATC and added interpolation)
> - Improved DCD for 1200 and 2400 bauds
> - Fixed some bugs in the AX.25 L2-layer protocol
> - Expanded features for non-standard AX.25 frames for SAT-operations.
> SCM v0.45b changes:
> - Added "6dB Pre-Emphasis filter" option.
>   Pre-Emphasis filter it's a high-pass filter that emphasizes the high
>   frequencies in the audio spectrum. Preemphasis increases the level of
>   high frequencies by 6dB per octave. It might help to receive signals
>   at 1200 and 2400 bauds if the frequency response of the receiver is not
>   a "flat".
> - Added "UTCTime" option for indicate the time in UTC format. (1=On / 0=Off)
> - Added "NRMonitorLines" option for limit number of lines "Monitor" window (10-65535).
> - Improved compatibility with the AGWPE and MixW AX.25 Protocol (reduction of REJ collisions)
>   and fixed some small bugs.

Settings: 'RXSampleRate=11025' in 'Soundmodem.ini'
          'BPF Taps=64' and 'LPF Taps=32' in 'Modem settings'
Test wav: CubeBUG-1_CalPoly_30042013_1900-2.wav of California Polytechnic State University.

It is possible in these settings to improve the decode of CubeBug-1 signal as follows.


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