CubeBug-1 beacon received

[Beacon heard ?!]

01:20-01:33UTC, 1st May 2013, Ele 71 N-E-S, 437.440MHz, 39153U 13018D

I seem to have heard the signal of CubeBug-1 in the above path using
"39153U 13018D". The frequency was 5kHz lower than the nominal 437.445MHz,
so 437.440MHz. The received wav file is the size of about 8 seconds, you
can hear only once in this wav file. I do not know whether this is a real
signal from CubeBug-1.

[Response from GS]

I can confirm this really sounds like the CubeBug-1!

In fact, thought we haven't heard it ourselves, from reports of other
people, we are now almost sure the central frequency has shifted to
437.438.300 Hz.

The quality sound quality of your file sounds pretty good, though
there's are some low frequency components that sound a bit weird at
248Hz and 744Hz.

Can you see how much time there is between beacons?
Thanks a lot!

[Beacon decode]

By the way, I could decode the post file dated 26 April on GS's HP using MixW
as follows. It was able to decode well with MixW because of the strong sound.
But my received wav file can not be able to decode because of too weak signal.
I was convinced that my wav file is the from CubeBug-1. My sound is the same
when I hear it well. I want to challenge to be received again.

 > CubeBug-1 to earth, aca va el Capitan Beto flaco!.

   (Supplement) The origin of this satellite name

[Wave form 1]

I visualized my received wav file (01:20-01:33UTC, 1st May 2013).

[Wave form 2]

I was visualized the another area in my received wav file. Ground noise are mixed.

[Beacon interval #1]

I enlarged the above figure.

 Red    ... beacon
 Yellow ... interval

[Beacon interval #2]

The beacon of CubeBug-1, about 20 second intervals is average, and it is
sending in 10 seconds to 30 seconds randomly. It's in a very weak signal,
I can hear only when the TCA at more than 60 degrees elevation. I was small
in scale 1 of AF volume of my rig. In the file below, it was visualized on
the PC while amplifying the volume on the external speakers. I can hear the
signal of CubeBug-1 by receiving sensitively than when receiving the ARISSat-1.
01:42-01:55UTC, 6 May 2013, Ele 63 N-W-WS, 437.4383MHz AFSK

[Beacon interval #3]

I compared to the beacon interval the other day, they are now evenly.
12:58-12:11UTC, 11 May 2013, Ele 61 S-W-SN, 437.4383MHz AFSK

[wav_file playback]

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