PRISM Earth picture success

Grand Station of Tokyo University have succeeded to take the Earth picture with Sub-camera,
WAC (Wide Angle Camera).

They have said as follows,
Although it was liable to exposure exaggerated for a while,
it was checked that WAC camera apparatus is functioning normally.
We will be going to do adjustment of an exposure parameter from now on.

Before deployment

Photography time : 12 Feb 2009, 04:05:33UTC  
Photography place: Over Hokkaido in Japan

After deployment

Success to deploy the extensible boom: 26 Feb 2009

Ground Station says:
We have succeeded to deploy the extensible boom!!
Extensible boom is optical telescope composed of flexible architecture.
This structure is our new idea for taking images at high resolution with
super small satellite (Detail is on About project page).
If this boom will work expectedly and take the image with main-camera (NAC),
we will complete our main mission. 

We use sub-camera's picture for confirming that boom has been deployed.
Above pictures are 'before deployment' and 'after deployment'
('after deployment' image has not finished downlinking all data, so it looks rough).
The figure identified on the upper right side is boom structure.
We can find the shadow which was not exist before deployment. 
As a reference data, we also show the image (boom was deployed) taken on ground test.
Additionally, the evidence is found in angular rate data.

PRISM other picture:
The picture photographed with a main camera of PRISM was shown at 20 Apr 2009.
The control station knew a photography place.
It's to be the shoreline of the American West Coast.
The remote sensing times with the micro_smallsat are going to come.

20 Apr 2009
This picture links to the web page of the control station directly.

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