QB50 X-CubeSat Telemetry Decoder

I received X-CubeSat 1k2 AFSK signal.
08:29-08:38 UTC, 28 May 2017, Ele 15 S-E-EN, 437.020MHz 1200bps AFSK

1:Fm ON01FR To TLM <UI R Pid=F0 Len=81> [08:30:19R] [++-]

The Telemetry Decoder of X-CubeSat is open to the public on French GS site as "QB50TLM0.7.jar".


We can analyze the received data by editing it in one line as follows,
from : ON01FR SSID 0 to : TLM SSID 0 data :!01000112@064514;020000ff28b8ffb900b6fff2b80158b901b502ba6e97000000bd000000000000



Spacecube and X-Cubesat some test

Some test should be performed on Spacecube and X-Cubesat
at 8 February 2018. The test should start at 12h30 UTC.

Spacecube: try to swich modulation from  AFSK 1200bps to
           GMSK 9600 bauds
X-Cubesat: keeps additional data (AFSK 1200 bps)

X-Cubesat: ON01FR, 437.020 MHz
Spacecube: ON05FR, 436.880 MHz

You can send your report to contact at amsat-f.org

Additional information on AMSAT-F, AMSAT-NA, Update.

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