How to setting Soundmodem on LINUX

[Soundmodem setting on LINUX]

I have already written how to make Soundmodem work on LINUX_Ubuntu several times.
This time, I will explain again how to operate on LINUX by taking HS_soundmodem_eseo for
ESEO satellite as an example. It's necessary to install Wine software and PulseAudio in advance.

 1. Make eseo folder under ~/.wine/drive_c/
 2. hs_soundmodem.exe and rseseo.dll in home/eseo folder
 3. Copy them into this created eseo folder
 4. Open bashrc with an editor as $ gedit ~/.bashrc
 5. Set alias syntax as (5) in the figure
 6. Input from Terminal as shown as (6) in the figure after PC restart
 7. Then HS_soundmodem_eseo will run easily
 8. LINUX -> Settings -> Sound : Output Input setting
 9. PulseAudio -> VolumeControl: Playback Recording setting
10. Monitor setting of star * in the figure is particularly important
11. Satellite signal received in GQRX flows to the Soundmodem by this setting


[Tlm_forwarder2 setting on LINUX]

Similarly, AGW_OnlineKiss and Tlm_forwarder 2 can work normally on LINUX,
and the receive data can be sent automatically to SatNOGS_DB.
It must be edited agw_onlinekiss.ini and online_conf.ini beforehand by gedit and
put them in the same folder as AGW_OnlineKiss and Tlm_forwarder2, respectively.
The next figure shows that it is receiving signals from UniSat-6 and LituanicaSAT-2.


[WXtoImg installing on LINUX]

Download "wxtoimg-amd64-2.11.2-beta.deb" at
Find "xwxtoimg" in "/usr/local/bin/" folder to run WXtoImg.

 1. Options - Ground Station Location
 2. Options - File Names and Locations
 3. Options - Auto Processing Options
 4. Options - Image and Movie Options
 5. Options - Recording Options
 7. Options - Save Options
 8. File - Update Keplers
 9. File - Record - Auto Record




[AAUSAT-4 Decoder setting on LINUX]

When localhost is simply written to conf.ini, AAUSAT-4 Decoder's TCP_client
is instantly connected as "Connected".

  TCP_PORT = 8100

In order to make the signal flow as "Audacity + HsSoundmodem + AgwOnlineKiss + AAUSAT4_Decoder",
it is necessary to set "Wine + PulseAudio" in advance.  Now I, JE9PEL could build the reception
and decoding the signal from the satellite on LINUX. (14 Mar 2019)

[QSSTV compiling]

Refer Manual and Installation on QSSTV

Download "qsstv_9.3.1_beta.tar.gz"
Copy and Extract it in Home\qsstv folder

$ sudo apt-get install g++ libfftw3-dev qt5-default libpulse-dev
$ sudo apt-get install hamlib-dev libasound-dev  libv4l-dev
$ sudo apt-get install libopenjp2-7 libopenjp2-7-dev
$ cd qsstv_9.3
$ qmake
$ make
Go make a cup of tea/coffee.
$ sudo make install
$ qsstv

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