NCube-2 information

Subject: [amsat-bb:89307] NCube-2
From: Graham Shirville
Date: 8:01 22Dec 2005

Hi All,

We have received a report from NORAD that they have recently detected
an additional object in an orbit which is very close to SSETI Express.

It is possible that this could be NCube-2 which should have been
deployed from Express just after launch on October 27th.

It would be really good to see if signals from NCube-2 can be detected
on 437.305MHz +/- Doppler.

NORAD will be cataloging this new object as 28897 and an element set
should be forthcoming shortly - in the meantime the existing
SSETI Express TLEs/Keps will be accurate enough.

Here is some prelaunch data to help recognition of the signal!

Downlink: 437,305MHz
Bitrate: 9600b/s
Modulation technique: GMSK

The message: "DE=LA1CUB=NCUBE2=FF=LA1CUB==="

is morsed using a 2400Hz tone, 26 words per minute where FF is a
hex number [00=3,0V - FF=4,5V]
  If battery voltage is above 3,8V, every 2 minutes
  If battery voltage is below 3,8V, every 5 minutes
In the end of the message an unnumbered AX.25 packet is attached
containing the string:


In the header of the AX.25: Callsign: NCUBE  Destination: EARTH
The satellite will transmit at a power of 1,5W at full battery charge

Reception reports will be welcome email to
and to

Keep those fingers crossed


Graham G3VZV 


December 22th 2005
We have just received information that a new object has been observed
close to the SSETI Express satellite.
This new object have the following TLEs:

1 28897U 05043H   05355.19399958  .00000156  00000-0  42647-4 0    10
2 28897 098.1790 251.1363 0017556 010.3969 349.7611 14.59488198   168

We have scrambled our ground team at the University College of Narvik
to track this object and investigate whether it could be NCUBE-2.

December 23rd 2005
Several radio amateurs have helped us listen in case the observed
object is NCUBE-2, including the Academic Radio Club ARK in Trondheim,
LA1K, , and antennas in Stavanger, Palo Alto
and New Jersey. 
No signals have been heard, but we're very thankful to everyone
for their help! 

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