Sudanese first CubeSat KN-SAT1

I introduce Sudanese first CubeSat 'KN-SAT1'. The scene receiving
Japanese satellite FO-29 CW experimentally is taken to the upper video.
The scene of the use of OBC is taken to the lower video. It's the
satellite which the students of the Sudan Khartoum University made.
It's produced for the purpose of the following objectives.
I do not know the launch day.

 1. To give students at Sudanese Unversities a hands-on space project experience.
 2. To document the process and skills and forward it to more students and post graduated engineers.
 3. To promote space engineering and space science education at other Sudanese educational institutes.
 4. Building, testing and launching the cube satellite.
 5. Monitoring and tracking the cube satellite.
 6. Telecommand the cube satellite.
 7. Collecting the telemetry and the mission data for analysis and evaluation.

Sudanese Amateur Radio and SWL History,

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