Dnepr 37 Satellites List

POPSAT-HIP1, FUNcube-3, QB50p2, TabletSat-Aurora, TigriSat, UniSat-6, UNSA-SAT1



ANTELSAT CubeSat, Uruguay

(C)FING edu, Uruguay

ANTELSAT: 437.575MHz 1200bps AFSK / 2403.000MHz 1Mbit GFSK,MSK / 437.280MHz CW


FUNcube update, FWD from DK3WN Blog http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=45509

(C)ISIS, Belgium

We have received confirmation that UKube-1, which is hosting FUNcube-2 payload,
is now scheduled for a Soyuz launch on Saturday 28th Jun 2014 with the following
day as a back-up (Postponed to 8th July). The launch time has been quoted as
15:58:28 UT with separation some 9253 seconds later. We still understand that,
immediately after deployment and activation, UKube-1 will commence transmitting
a CW beacon and that this will be later followed by an AX25, 1k2 BPSK beacon.
Both beacons will be on 145.840MHz.

The FUNcube-2 payload, with its telemetry downlink for educational outreach,
is expected to be tested later. FUNcube-3 is the transponder only payload on the
QB50 precursor CubeSat "QB50P1". This mission is now scheduled to launch on June
19th on a Dnepr LV from Yasny. The launch time has been quoted as 19:11:11 UTC
but this has not yet been confirmed. The initial beacon signals, from the main
transceiver, are also expected to be AX25, 1k2 BPSK packets on 145.815MHz.
Again more information will be provided as soon as it becomes available!


UNISAT-6 is ready for launch

(C)Gaussteam, Italy

UniSat-6 : 437.425MHz 9600bps GMSK
Unisat-6 hosts 4 cubesats that will be deployed one day after launch:

Tigrisat : A 3U cubesat satellite build by the Sapienza University of Rome
           with the support of Iraqi students during a 18 months high level
           course at the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale.
Lemur 1  : A 3U cubesat satellite built by NanoSatisfi Inc.
ANTELSAT : build by the Uruguayan Facultad de Ingeniaria de la Universidad
           de la Republica, ANTEL and the State Faculty of Engineering.
           It is the first Uruguayan satellite.
AeroCube6: It is a 1U cubesat developed and operated by Aerospace Corporation.



Site: Dombarovsky SC, Russia
Date: 19 Jun 2014, 19:11 UTC
Pre_TLE(C) AMSAT-UK, Gaussteam, JE9PEL, R4UAB

1 00001U 0000     14170.79943287  .00000106  00000-0  00000-0 0  0010
2 00001 097.8956 065.2570 0059900 140.5190 336.5388 14.77841394000000
1 00362U 00362A   14170.81049769  .00000000  00000-0  10000-4 0     7
2 00362  97.9897  66.2289 0012982 291.8733 244.3145 14.85013404    03
1 00000U 00000    14169.02083330  .00000831  00000-0  10000-3 0 00009
2 00000 097.9760 063.7300 0060000 225.6000 206.7270 14.69750000000017

Dnepr Successful Launch

(C)ISC Kosmotras, AMSAT-UK

(*)NORAD and (-)DK3WN, R4UAB's Blog on 29Jun2014

KAZEOSAT-2       40010U 14033A  *
HODOYOSHI-4      40011U 14033B  *
UNISAT-6         40012U 14033C  *  437.425MHz 9600bps GMSK
DEIMOS-2         40013U 14033D  * 
BUGSAT-1         40014U 14033E  *  437.445MHz 9600bps GMSK
HODOYOSHI-3      40015U 14033F  *
SAUDISAT-4       40016U 14033G  *
TABLETSAT-AURORA 40017U 14033H  *  435.550MHz 9600bps GMSK
APRIZESAT-9      40018U 14033J  *
APRIZESAT-10     40019U 14033K  *
BRITE-TORONTO    40020U 14033L  *
DUCHIFAT         40021U 14033M  -  145.980MHz 1200bps BPSK
FLOCK 1C-10      40022U 14033N  *
PACE             40023U 14033P  *
NanosatC-BR1     40024U 14033Q  *  145.865MHz 1200bps BPSK
QB50P1           40025U 14033R  *  145.815MHz 1200bps BPSK
FLOCK 1C-7       40026U 14033S  *
FLOCK 1C-1       40027U 14033T  *
POPSAT-HIP1      40028U 14033U  -  437.405MHz 1200bps CCSDS
FLOCK 1C-2       40029U 14033V  *
DTUSAT-2         40030U 14033W  *
FLOCK 1C-4       40031U 14033X  *
QB50P2           40032U 14033Y  *  145.880MHz 1200bps BPSK
FLOCK 1C-11      40033U 14033Z  *
ANTELSat         40034U 14033AA -  437.575MHz 1200bps AFSK
FLOCK 1C-9       40035U 14033AB *
FLOCK 1C-6       40036U 14033AC *
Perseus-M2       40037U 14033AD -  400.190MHz 9600bps GFSK
FLOCK 1C-5       40038U 14033AE *
Perseus-M1       40039U 14033AF -  400.160MHz 9600bps GFSK
FLOCK 1C-8       40040U 14033AG *
FLOCK 1C-3       40041U 14033AH *
PolyITAN-1       40042U 14033AJ -  437.675MHz 9600bps 2FSK
TigriSat         40043U 14033AK -  435.000MHz 9600bps FSK
LEMUR-1          40044U 14033AL *
AEROCUBE-6A      40045U 14033AM *
AEROCUBE-6B      40046U 14033AN *
SL-24 R/B        40047U 14033AP *
SL-24 DEB        40048U 14033AQ *
SL-24 PLAT       40049U 14033AR *


Launch, http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/sats2014.htm#dnepr
Decode, http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/dneprdcd.htm

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