Chinese satellites #1: LilacSat-2, Tiantuo-3, XW-2, ZDPS-2


Launch: 19 Sep 2015
Rocket: Long March-6 (LM-6 or CZ-6)
Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

  Harbin Institute of Technology
  Approx.  11kg 20x20x20cm
  Uplink: 145.825, 145.875MHz
  Downlink: 437.200MHz beacon
            437.225MHz FM/APRS

Tiantuo-3 (TT-3)
  Small satellite from China's National University
  of Defense Technology

XW-2 (CAS-3)
  Chinese Amateur Satellite Group
  CAS-2A1 satellite:
  2m CW telemetry beacon 100mW
  2m AX.25 digital telemetry beacon 500mW
  2m FM voice beacon 500mW
  U/V mode Linear transponder 50 kHz 500mW
  L/S mode Linear transponder 200 kHz 320mW
  U/V mode APRS repeater

  CAS-2A2 satellite:
  70cm CW telemetry beacon 100mW
  70cm AX.25 digital telemetry beacon 500mW
  13cm CW telemetry beacon 200mW
  3cm CW telemetry beacon 200mW
  V/U mode Linear transponder 500mW

  Nano-satellite mission of the Microsat Research Center
  Zhejiang University

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