How to decode FireBird Unit A, 19K2

FIREBIRD-U1/U2, Montana State University, USA
U1 437.405MHz / U2 437.230MHz, 9600bps GMSK

The communication speed of FIREBIRD is nominally 9600bps, but JA0CAW
has discovered that is 19200bps actually. And I, JE9PEL could decode
as shown in the figure below his received recording file using MixW.

FIREBIRD-U1, 39463U 13072B
437.405MHz 19200bps GMSK
Received by JA0CAW, 12 May 2014


FIREBIRD-U2, JSpOC-712 90712U 13072L (now 39464U 13072C)
437.230MHz 19200bps GMSK
Received by JA0CAW, 15 Dec 2013

G3RUH SCM v0.16b changes:
- Added 19200 bauds G3RUH modem.
- Reduced CPU load.
- Added some features from latest SCM version.
- Changed samplerate to 48000 by default.
- Added "Non-AX25 filter" option. It blocks
  non-AX25 traffic through AGW interface

SAT operations could be better to disable it.
This option most usefull for main AX.25 operation
because reduce CRC collision with noise.

FIREBIRD 19k2 signal
Received again by JA0CAW, 29 Dec 2013
Re-imaged by JE9PEL using SpectraVue

  1. InputDevice - Wave File
  2. Wavefile IN Setup - Select File
  3. General Setup - Waterfall Rate (100mSec Steps) - Input 1
  4. General Setup - Input 15 Sec in the lower right box
  5. H Waterfall - Adjust Slide_bar

Received by JE9PEL, 7 Jun 2014
22:04-22:14 UTC, 7 Jun 2014, Ele 73 EN-Z-WS, 437.405MHz 19200bps GMSK

TLE Update

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