HORYU-4 S-band Milky Way
How to set S-band in SDR#

07:23-07:35 UTC, 23 OCT 2016, Ele 39 W-S-SE, 2400.300MHz 100kbps BPSK
I confirmed today for the first time the 'Milky Way'that is between 100kHz
width using SDR#1489 software in the 4th figure of the following stream.

    Center carrier  after 2 min. from AOS ... 61023h01.wav
    Uupper_sideband after 6 min. from AOS ... 61023h02.wav


How to set SDR#1489 to target HORYU-4 S-band (2400.300MHz)

 (1) Set the exact value of 'Frequncy correction(ppm)' in SDR#-Configure.
     This value is held in SDR# after setting once.


 (2) Drag the vertical red line in the upper part of Spectrum screen to the center.
 (3) Select the triangle fixed button (Center tunig) in SDR#.
 (4) Set the upper frequency of SDR# to 144.300.000 of the vertical red line.


 (5) Zoom up to the appropriate (+/- 100kHz width) using the zoom bar in SDR#.


 (6) Set and check 2,256,000,000 on the left side of the Shift box in SDR#.
     (It is set in the converter of '2,400.000MHz -> 144.000MHz'.)


 (7) Chenge the upper frequency in SDR# to 2400.300.000 of the vertical red line.


 (8) Change to the triangul free button (Free tuning) in SDR#.


 (9) Move to change by clicking on the displaying frequency,
     or, drag the center vertical red line to near 2.400.350.000.


(10) Start SDR#.


(11) Gradually move the vertical red line to the left together Doppler shift.
(12) or, make automatic tracking the frequency using 'Orbitron + DDE_Tracker'.

       Orbitron run -> SDR# run and start
        -> DDE Tracking Cliant Options: Orbitron -> Connect
        -> Orbitron DDE run -> SDR# automatic tracking frequency

(13) The following are the figure that I have actually received HORYU-4 S-band.


HORYU-4 2.4GHz heard again
10:09-10:21 UTC, 1st Dec 2016, Ele 44 WS-S-N, 2400.300MHz USB


HORYU-4 2.4GHz doppler shift
11:50-12:03 UTC, 1st Dec 2016, Ele 42 WS-S-E

I recorded the signal on the right side of the figure below.
Unfortunately, 2.4GHz signal from HORYU-4 is transmitted only over Japan with the ground station.


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