FUNcube Dongle test #1

FUNcube Dongle concept  (C)PA3GUO

Subject: [amsat-bb] FUNcube Dongle test
From: n1jez
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 17:39:20 -0500

I've ran several passes today on AO-27 and AO-51 with the FUNcube Dongle
(FCD) as my receiver.

I'm also using Mike, DK3WN's Funcube Dongle Doppler correction program.

Below are two links to a couple of screen shots. The first is WRplus,
the software I use with the FCD (there are others). You can see the AO-51
downlink clearly. This was a 15 degree pass from here in Vermont, FN34im.

The second screen shot is the software running behind WRplus. Top left is
the FCD Tuning Program. It's partially covered by SATPC32 in the upper
right. In the lower right is the FCD Doppler correction program sending
frequency correction to the FCD tuning program.

(NOTE by JE9PEL: FCD tuning program, FCDHid.exe doesn't read the frequency
 just to set the frequency. Actually, FCD Doppler correction program, 
 satcontrol_fcd.exe sends the frequency including Doppler shift to FCD.)

I need more screens and a better video card.

Thanks for those who contacted me. If I sound a bit distracted at first it
was becasue the first time I keyed up, I forgot that when I heard my
downlink it would be delayed significantly due to the DSP processing of the
FCD. The delay reminded me of working HEO!

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT 29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet" 



Diese Software kontrolliert die Empfangsfrequenz (Dopplerkorrektur) des
von der von AMSAT-UK entwickelten FUNcube Dongle. Die Windows Front-End
Software FCHid.exe muss bereits gestartet sein. Nach Wahl des entsprechenden
Satelliten wird die aktuelle Dopplerkorrektur berechnet (500 ms Intervall)
und uber WinAPI direkt in die FCD Software geschrieben. Dazu ist die Checkbox
oberhalb der Frequenzanzeige zu aktivieren. Die Konfigurationsdatei sat.ini
muss entsprechend angepasst werden (eigener Locator) Pfad zur TLE-Datei
(amateur.txt) und zum doppler.sql File (SatPC32).

Translation to English by JE9PEL,

This software controls the reception frequency (Doppler correction) from
the FUNcube Dongle developed by AMSAT-UK. This Windows Front-End software
FCHid.exe must already have started. After the election of the corresponding
satellite become the current Doppler correction is calculated (500 ms interval)
and it is written directly about WinAPI into the FCD software. This is the
Checkbox above the Frequency to activate. The configuration file sat.ini
must be adjusted accordingly (own Locator) path to the TLE-data (amateur.txt)
and to the doppler.sql file (SatPC32).

FCD/SDR-software by JA0CAW
WRplus / HDSDR / SpectraVue / SDR-RADIO / M0KGK / SDRadio / SoDiRa / KG-SDR

APT,LRPT Weather Satellites by PY4ZBZ


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