PSLV-C20 Launch

SARAL, Sapphire, NEOSSat, UniBRITE, TugSat-1, AAUSat-3, STRaND-1 are planed to launch
on 25 Feb 2013, 12:31UTC by PSLV-C20 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota, India).
I think TugSat-1 and AAUSat-3 are the amateur satellites.

Correction: Max Valier is not carried, it will be launched 2013 July from Plesetsk by Russia.
            It was replaced by STRaND-1.

 SARAL                       Sapphire

                         TugSat-1                      AAUSat-3                       STRaND-1                      Max Valier

Ocean Observation Satellite
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO),
and Centre National d'tudes Spatiales (CNES), France
Ka-band radar altimeter operating at 35.75GHz

Military Satellite
Department of National Defence (DND), Canada

Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite
Microsat Systems Canada Inc (MSCI)

BRIght star Target Explorer
Canadian Advanced Nanospace eXperiments-3A (CanX-3A)
University of Vienna, Austria
UTIAS (University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies), Canada
20cm NanoSatellite 145.890MHz CW

BRITE-Austria, CanX-3B
Technical University of Graz, Austria
Photometric observations of bright stars
20cm NanoSatellite, 145.890/437.365/2234.400MHz

Aalborg University, Denmark
1U CubeSat 437.425MHz

Surrey Training, Research and Nanosatellite Demonstrator
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), UK
Built around a standard Google Nexus 1 smartphone running the Android operating system
3U 437.568MHz 9K6/19K2bps AX.25

Max Valier
X-ray Astronomy Satellite
Italian educational institutions
10kg NanoSatellite


Launch Date: 12:31 UTC, 25 Feb 2013
Launch Site: Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota, India)
Launch Vehicle: PSLV-C20

Satellite   Downlink           Mode
---------   ----------------   ------------------------------------------
UniBRITE    145.890            CW
TugSat-1    145.890/2234.400   Photometric observations of bright stars
AAUSat-3    437.425            1200~19200bps (default 2400bps), not AX.25
STRaND-1    437.568            9600bps AX.25
---------   ----------------   ------------------------------------------

PSLV-C20 Launched: 12:31 UTC, 25 Feb 2013 at

 Before Launch                                Just Launch                                  After Launch

Frequency: 437.425MHz
Frequency deviation: 9.6kHz
Modulation Scheme: Gaussian 2FSK
Bitrate: 1200 to 19200bps (default 2400bps)
Callsign: OZ3CUB
Forward Error Correction:
Inner code: Rate 1/2, k=7 convolutional code
Outer code: (255,223) Reed-Solomon code, not AX.25
CW Beacon: OZ3CUB B x.x(battery voltage) T xx(temp)

WAV received by JA0CAW in 16 Mar 2013

Frequency: 437.568MHz, 9600bps AX.25

9:01-9:15UTC, 15 Mar 2013, Ele 82 N-Z-S, 437.568MHz 9600bps GMSK
Received 325 frames by JE9PEL/1 using HardTNC + KissTerm

10:19-10:31UTC, 31 Jul 2013, Ele 21 N-W-WS, 437.568MHz 9600bps GMSK
OFF - 90 sec. stop - ON - 46 sec. Tx. - OFF - 90 sec. stop - ON - 46 sec. Tx. - OFF

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