CSSWE 9600bps signal_link

After a 3 month silence, CSSWE is beaconing once again on 21 Jun 2013,
and CSSWE Decoder_v2 was updated corresponding to Java 7 in GS's web.

[13:19-13:30 UTC, 22 Jun 2013, Ele 11 SE-E-EN, 437.349MHz 9600bps GMSK]
They were decoded 2 frames in "Soundmodem_9k6(Ver0.10b) + AGW_Online_Kiss(Ver2.1)".
However, the received signal does not flow to CSSWE_Decoder. It might be because the
elevation was low, or might be some fundamental problem... Another problem occurs here.

[14:56-15:11 UTC, 22 Jun 2013, Ele 82 SW-Z-NE, 437.349MHz 9600bps GMSK]
I tried to receive the signal in 82 degree high elevation angle of the next pass.
In the receiving method of the above decoded correctly in M-CUBED, there seems to be a
fundamental problem for CSSWE still... The left figure is the view after changing to
the hard TNC in the middle of the reception.

While using the wav file recorded at this time, and then trying experiment of playbacking
by "MixW3 + CSSWE_Decoder", I was able to decode correctly for CSSWE as shown in the left
figure. This edited wav file (2.4MB 27sec) can be decoded 10 frames in Soundmodem_9k6 and
9 frames in MixW3.

It has been saved as KISS file by playbacking the edited file above by "MixW3 + KissTerm"
and I ran it in DK3WN_Decoder as shown in the left figure. By comparing the DK3WN_Decoder
and CSSWE_Decoder, I can be seen that the result of the analysis is the same value.

I noticed that it's in the experiment of "Soundmodem_9k6(v0.10b) + AGW_Online_Kiss(v2.1)".
As shown in the left figure, it is displayed "Fm CQ To CSSWE7" on reverse left and right,
but really "Fm CSSWE7 To CQ" is correct. I think this would be due to the format of the
satellite beacon. Because the beacon does not flow correctly to AGW_Online_Kiss, it will
be not analyzed in the satellite decoder. It appears as "CQ>CSSWE7" on reverse left and
right also in MixW, but they are analyzed in the satellite decoder.
(Resolved. See the bottom.)
[10:46-10:57 UTC, 09 Nov 2013, Ele 48 NE-E-S, 437.349MHz 9600bps GMSK]
In the left figure, CSSWE signal is flowing in real time via Sound_Card COM as follows.
I was trying to decode to KissTerm to COM8 this CSSWE signal at the end, but it did not
decode for some reason. And it did not decode even MixW.

CSSWE_signal -> Soundmodem_9k6 -> Loopback -> OnlineKiss+
(9600bps signal) (for 9600bps) (out COM10) (in COM11)
(out COM7 )
[11:05-11:15 UTC, 10 Nov 2013, Ele 19 N-E-ES, 437.349MHz 9600bps GMSK]
Then, I tried to flow the signal of CSSWE to Decoder at real-time via Hard_TNC.
First, the signal is input to COM1 of OnlineKiss+ from TNC and it is output from COM7
of OnlineKiss+. The signal was flowing to COM8 of Decoder last and it has been decoded.

CSSWE_signal -> OnlineKiss+ -> Decoder
(9600bps signal) (in COM1) (in COM8)
(out COM7)

[19:39-19:51JST, 6 May 2014, Ele 41 NW-W-S, 437.349MHz 9600bps GMSK]
May 6, 2014 after 6 months, I was succeeded to be decoded using the Soundmodem_9k6.

How to decode CSSWE using Soundmodem_9k6
(1) Change to English version of Windows (2) Run Soundmodem_9k6
(3) Run Agw_Online_Kiss latest Ver2.4.4 (4) Run CSSWE Decoder

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