ALE-2, ATL-1, FossaSat-1, NOOR-1A/1B, SMOG-P, TRSI-Sat

PicoSatellites Launch

Launch date: 29 Nov, 6 Dec 2019
Launch vehicle: Electron KS
  Small liquid fueled orbital launch vehicle, which is
  being developed by Rocket Lab, a US/New Zealand company.
Launch site: OnS LC-1
  Onenui Station, Mahia, Wairoa, North Island, New Zealand

  Small demonstration satellite by Astro Live Experiences,
  which is to produce an artificial meteor shower, Japan

  Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  437.175MHz, 12.5kbps GMSK, picosatellite

  Picosatellite developed by Fossa Systems, Spain
  436.700MHz, FSK RTTY 45 baud ITA2, 100mW 183Hz Shift and
  LoRa 125kHz, Chirp Spread Spectrum Modulation, 180 bps, 100mW

  NOOR 1A and 1B, also known Unicorn 2B and 2C mission
  are picosatellite developped by Alba Orbital, USA

  Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  437.150MHz, 12.5kbps GMSK, picosatellite

  Picosatellite developed by My Radar, Germany
  437.075MHz, bandwidth 6kHz MFSK, CW

Launch date: 6 Dec 2019
Electron on its way to orbit for our 10th mission,
carrying payloads for @SpaceflightInc and @AlbaOrbital.

SMOG-P and ATL-1 AppImage software

SMOG-P, ATL-1 and SMOG-1 GND upload website, updated 29Dec2019

LINUX version 1.0.3
Check "Allow executing file as program" in properties.

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