TechEdSat & F-1

TechEdSat, San Jose State University in USA

It will be deployed from the International Space Station (ISS).
It is a 1U CubeSat that will demonstrate Plug and Play power architecture and
two way communication via the satellite phone/data networks Iridium and Orbcomm.

There will be a 437.465 MHz beacon transmitting 1 watt to 1/4 wave monopole.
Commanding is via the commercial networks and there is a 2 week watchdog timer
to stop the beacon in the event of no commands being received.

TechEdSat will be launched along with Raiko, FITSat-1, We-Wish and F-1 to the
ISS aboard HTV-3, currently planned to launch July 21, 2012. From there, it will
be deployed into Low Earth Orbit  using the JAXA J-SSOD deployer, from the
Japanese Experiment Module (JEM also known as Kibo). They will be deployed with
the Kibo robotic arm planned for September, 2012.

Kibo Robot Arm
SJS Univ.

F-1, FPT University in Hanoi Vietnam

Mode: CW beacon on 437.485MHz (FM, only in sunlight) and
      AFSK 1200bps telemetry on 145.980MHz (FM), one packet every 30 seconds.
Size: 10x10x10cm (1U cubesat)
Mass: 1kg
Payload: C328 camera with 640x480 resolution
Launching: September, 2012
FSpace laboratory, FPT Technology Research Institute, FPT University in Hanoi Vietnam
FSpace Laboratory
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