SAFIR-S information

Subject: Another amateur radio payload on payload adapter beside RS-25!
From: Oliver Amend
Date: 2005, Oct 31, 19:47


please be informed that another payload is orbiting beside of RS-25:

The german Satellite RUBIN-5 is fix attached on the payload adapter.
It contains also an amateur radio unit "SAFIR-S" that is used for
downlink speech beacon and 9600 baud AX.25 data packets on 2401,9 MHz
as coordinated by IARU.

This fact is only published in Europe up to now as we wanted to
wait for finalisation of the commissioning of RUBIN-5. This payload
will now be activated within this week.

Due to shadowing of one of the 2 solar panels by RS-25 we have
a power budget problem but we try to resolve it by experimental
enlargement of power down cycles to 12-24 hours.

When activated after this longer Power Down Mode, SAFIR-S is
expetced to be activated only following every full hour within minutes
10-20, minutes 30-40 and minutes 50-60.

The transmission starts with 15 sec of speech, data packets with
sampling pauses. This inner transmission cycle restarts after 2-3

Details and current status are published on the AATiS-Sat homepage

73 de Oliver, DG6BCE
(responsible operator SAFIR-S)

 Sat.    Beacon   Mode        Callsign
SAFIR-S  2401.9  9600bd FSK   DP1AIS
SAFIR-S  2401.9  FM Speech    DP1AIS

AATiS e.V.
Oliver Amend
Buchenstrasse 16
D-28844 Weyhe / Germany

JE9PEL / Wakita wrote:
I heard nothing all SAFIR-S signals with using
both of OBJECT A and G/J.

Nov 12, 2005
13:02-13:15 UTC
22:02-22:15 JST
2401.900 MHz
9600 bps FSK
32 max elevation

Nov 12, 2005
13:25-13:39 UTC
22:25-22:39 JST
2401.900 MHz
9600 bps FSK
58 max elevation

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