Lambda-Sat and TechEdSat-4 deployed from ISS

According to the article of the AMSAT-UK,
Lambda-Sat of University of Aegean in Greece and San Jose State University
in California is scheduled to be deployed from ISS KIBO on August 26, 2014. 
(Postponed to 2015) After about 30 days of the deployment, it will deorbit.

Official Lambda-Sat site
Article on Lambda-Sat
AMSAT-UK article

ISS CubeSats release

LambdaSat that had been thought to have been released from ISS at the end of
last month has not been released at this time. It was decided to be released
again with the other three satellites and further Flock-1B twelve satellites,
a total of 16 satellites on 15 September 2014. (Postponed to 2015)

  Developer: San Jose State University, USA
  Frequency: 437.462MHz 1200bps AFSK
  Transmission Power: 1W
  CallSign: KK6DFZ
  Size: 1U, 10 cm^3

  Developer: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA
             San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, USA
             University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
  Frequency: Maybe 437.465MHz 1200bps AFSK,CW
  Size: 10cmx10cmx34cm

  Globalstar Experiment And Risk Reduction Satellite
  Developer: NearSpace Launch (NSL), USA
  Supported by Taylor University 
  3U CubeSat with a Globalstar communications terminal

  Earth Observation Satellite
  Developer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Space Systems Laboratory (MIT SSL), USA
  Size: 10cmx10cmx34cm

Problems Persist with NanoRacks Cubesat Deployer

The following satellites were deployed from ISS KIBO in 2015. (C)Space_Skyrocket

  Feb 27,  Flock-1b.21 (1998-067FQ), Flock-1b.22 (1998-067FR)
  Mar  3,  Flock-1b.5  (1998-067FW), Flock-1b.6  (1998-067FX)
  Mar  4,  TechEdSat-4 (1998-067FY), GEARRSat    (1998-067FZ)
  Mar  4,  MicroMAS    (1998-067GA), LambdaSat   (1998-067GB)
  Mar  5,  Flock-1b.11 (1998-067GC), Flock-1b.12 (1998-067GD)

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