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NASA's Smartphone Nanosatellite


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PhoneSat 1a,1b,1c: 437.425MHz, AFSK AX25 packet
Launch: 21 Apr 2013, 21:00UTC
Antares (formerly known as Taurus II), Wallops Flight Facility LC-0A



Dove-1 which is launched with PhoneSat-1 is the technology demonstrator
to test the basic capabilities of the low-cost bus built from non-space,
Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components. It will also demonstrate that
a 3U Cubesat form factor can host a small payload, and demonstrate the
ability to design, produce and operate satellites quickly and cheaply.


PhoneSat 1.0 = Graham and Bell
PhoneSat 2.0 = Alexander

> The two PhoneSat 1.0 satellites, Graham and Bell,
> transmit with a periodicity of respectively 28 seconds and 30 seconds.
> The PhoneSat 2.0 beta satellite, Alexander,
> transmit with a periodicity of 25 seconds.


PhoneSat Telemetry by DK3WN

PhoneSat pictures HP

PhoneSat pictures by DK3WN

PhoneSat pictures by ST2NH

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