NOAA weather satellite using FCD + WXtoImg

I received a signal of the weather satellite NOAA -15 with FUNcube Dongle + WXtoImg,
and succeeded in imaging the state over Japan. Because it is necessary to do some
setting beforehand, I explain below the point according to the [Procedure].
For more information about NOAA weather satellite and the direction for uses of
each soft, please refer to the lower [Reference].


1. Start - Settings - Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices - Voice
    - Recording sound - Volume - Check 'Monaural Mixer'


2. satcontrol_fcd.exe - Check 'connect FUNcube dongle' - Check in 'FCD Control G0MJW'
    - Input a properly value in 'Frequency Offsets' of 'Expert Settings'.
      (ex, NOAA-15 ; 14.58 , NOAA-18 ; 14.62 , NOAA-19 ; 14.54)


3. HDSDR - Soundcard - Select 'FUNcube Dongle V1.0' in (upper)RX Input from Radio,
   and select PC Soundcard in (lower)RX Output.


4. WXtoImg - Options - Recording Options - Select PC soundcard in 'soundcard'.


5. NOAA satellite comes flying, and the signal flows into HDSDR via FCD.
   NOAA-19, 03:46 UTC, 25 Aug 2011

6. The spectrum of the signal from the NOAA satellite is drawn at the same time by HDSDR.


7. The output signal flows into WXtoImg from HDSDR, and the state over Japan is drawn.

  NOAA-15, 07:09UTC 27Aug2011, 137.620    noaa-15-08270712-contrasta.png

8. I will display the color MSA, MCIR image of NOAA-19 using FCD + WXtoImg
   in the next pass.

   On 04:28-04:44 UTC, 5th October 2014, I tried to receive and analysis
   NOAA-19 in real-time using FCD (FUNcube Dongle). The 18th typhoon is 
   currently moving to north over Southern Kyushu, Japan. I saw clearly
   the eye of this big typhoon.

   > APT-2CP(Antenna) + GAREX(Preamplifier) + FCD + SDR# + WXtoImg
   > SDR# settings: WFM, Filter bandwidth 36000, Step size 100kHz



9. NOAA-15 using FCD

   07:40-07:55 UTC, 30 Nov 2014, Ele 64 S-W-WN, 137.620MHz


10. NOAA-19 image

   04:25-04:40 UTC, 26 Dec 2014, Ele 65 S-W-WN, 137.100MHz


11. NOAA-19 using SDR#(Plugin)

   04:15-04:30 UTC, 1 Feb 2015, Ele 81 S-Z-WN, 137.100MHz
   FUNCubeDungle Pro, Orbitron, DDE, SDR#, Plugin(SatelliteTracker), WXtoImg
   SDR# Center: 137.100MHz, Frequency: Plugin(SatelliteTracker), PPM: -111.0



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