DTUsat-2 Telemetry Analysis 2.4GHz #5

The eclipse should have already been opened, but recently I can only hear the signal
once or twice immediately after AOS. And it is a very weak signal sound barely heard. 
The following figure shows the analysis by Illumination, SDR#1490, Spectran, Spectrogram16.

DTUsat-2, 00:56-01:08 UTC, 23 Nov 2016, Ele 31 SE-E-N, 2401.843MHz USB





DTUsat-2 broken CW
01:46-01:58 UTC, 27 Nov 2016, Ele 63 S-W-WN, 2401.843MHz USB

In the following figure it's automatic tracking by Orbitron, so the signal at TCA may
be displayed like a staircase. I will try to track it manually at the next reception.

01:29-01:42 UTC, 11 Dec 2016, Ele 76 S-E-N, 2401.843MHz
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