Unisat-2 information

Subject: [amsat-bb:64928] Unisat 2 information
From: Don Woodward
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 17:35:17 -0500
To: "Amsat Bulletin Board"

Looks like UHF up and VHF down. Anyone know the frequencies?

Info below was translated by Babelfish from:

  a.. Geometry : prisma to octagonal base of side 15cm and height
25cm - Mass : 12 kg
  a.. The structure is to modulate with 5 horizontal slabs in
honeycomb Al/Al in order to lodge the various subsystems, supports
on four vertical columns carrying - the lateral surface is
constituted from 8 panels in honeycomb on which the solar paddles
come rolled steels. Part of such panels instead is allotted in order
to accommodate the payload
  a.. The power system is based on solar cells to the silicon,
assembled with land technology opportunely modified in order to
resist to the environmental conditions them orbital - the generated
maximum power from the 11 modules is of approximately 15W and the
orbital medium power is equal approximately to 8W - 2 buses of
feeding (regulated to 5V, not regulated to 12 V) for the feeding of
the various subsystems - 2 arrange of accumulation of the energy:
traditional cells NiCd and cells experience them to Ionian of Lithium
(with relationship energia/massa approximately double quantity
regarding the NiCd technology)
  a.. Telecommunicationses in band UHF (uplink) and VHF (downlink) -
transmissions in frequency modulation to 9600 bps - modem fax 
integrated ST 75C540 - receiving antenna omnidirettiva - 1 arranges
of antennas to quadrupolo ( l /4)
  a.. Telemetry previewed for all the main functions of the satellite:
in particular they will come monitorate the conditions of 
the solar paddles and the temperatures of the packages batteries and
the microprocessore
  a.. Computer of edge : Atmel T89C51 (family 80C51)
  a.. Determination of order through two magnetometri of different
technology, earth sensor in optical band and direction of the sun
calculated from the measures supplied from the solar paddles
  a.. Control of order : the microsatellite is stabilized for spin
(5 rpm) with active magnetic control for the guideline of the axis
of spin by means of three coils
  a.. Payload previewed : some technological payloads (battarie to
Ionian of Lithium, solar cells, Sun sensors, Earth sensors); it
arranges of sensors for the location of impacts with microdetritus;
spectrometer for the aerosol survey; television camera in the visible
one; experiment of micropropulsion
  a.. Presumed orbit circular to a quota 650 km and inclination of 65.
(must be ciionfermata from part of the responsibles of the launcher)
  a.. Earth station for the control of the mission realized and 
already operating near the center of Saint Peter in Ties of the School
of Aerospace Engineering (SPIV)
  a.. The launch is previewed for the period 15 August 2002 -
15 December 2002 from the cosmodromo of Baikonur (Kazakhstan). 
The carrier is the rocket Russian-ucraino DNEPR, with which it has
been already launch UNISAT

Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

Subject: [amsat-bb:64917] Payload Birds Labeled
From: Keith O'Brien
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 16:58:32 +0000

Here's the way the NASA/GSFC Orbital Information Group Web Site


has the Payload Birds labeled Saturday morning..

1 27605U 02058A   03003.90595621  .00000687  00000-0  13144-3 0   200
2 27605  64.5580 335.8970 0031709 130.6704 229.7136 14.71354067  2095
1 27606U 02058B   03004.00503555  .00000713  00000-0  14414-3 0   186
2 27606  64.5568 335.8122 0050137 130.9988 229.5449 14.68149411  2102
1 27607U 02058C   03003.98914265  .00000886  00000-0  16834-3 0   186
2 27607  64.5571 335.7501 0040579 130.4751 229.9873 14.69789050  2104
1 27608U 02058D   03003.89035695  .00000884  00000-0  15766-3 0   178
2 27608  64.5576 335.8344 0022236 129.6072 230.6990 14.72976595  2095
1 27609U 02058E   03003.99705801  .00000390  00000-0  76123-4 0   158
2 27609  64.5571 335.3037 0004801 113.9070 246.2523 14.75969285  2116

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