MaSat-1, PW-Sat1, Xatcobeo first decode

MaSat-1, 437.345MHz USB, Object E
0:21-0:41UTC, 17 Mar 2012, Ele 58 N-E-ES

I could decode MO-72 with Ver3.13

PW-Sat1, 145.9054 MHz USB, Object G
23:23-23:44UTC, 23 Mar 2012, Ele 87 WN-Z-ES

I could decode the header parts of PW-Sat1 BPSK.

> VOID>EARTH,x("-6 [03/24/12  08:37:33] <RR R1>
> VOID>EARTH,x!&-6 [03/24/12  08:37:45] <RR R1>

And I played the wav file which I recorded by MixW3 & OnlineKiss+.

And I analyzed a generated dump file by pwsat.exe wrote by DK3WN.

PW-Sat1List of registered radioamateurs

The list below contains the names and callsigns of the radioamateurs
and other persons who created the user account and uploaded at least
one log file. Currently in the database we have 28 registered users.

Rupprecht (DK3WN) added 7 log file(s).
Toshio (JA1GDE) added 8 log file(s).
Tetsurou (JA0CAW) added 23 log file(s).
Mineo (JE9PEL) added 1 log file(s).
Fumihiro (JR8LWY) added 4 log file(s).
Roland (PY4ZBZ) added 4 log file(s).
Mario (LU4EOU) added 5 log file(s).

Xatcobeo, 437.365MHz CW, Object F
0:07-0:20UTC, 15 Apr 2012, Ele 44 SW-W-N

I could decode CW every 1 minute.

XATCOBEO 8.24V -137DBM 37C

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