ESTCube-1 9k6 decoded

Technical Details: packet downlink
Frequency: 437.505 MHz
Frequency deviation: 3.5 kHz
Modulation: 2FSK
Output power: 0.5 W
Bitrate: 9600 bps
Callsign: ES5E-11
Packet format: AX.25 UI frames
Data payload per packet: up to 239 bytes
Active: during commisioning period - mainly over the Europe, later also
periodically sending housekeeping data in bursts after every 3-4 minutes

DK3WN received ESTCube-1 9600bps packets on 9 May 2013, and JA0CAW edited it as a wav.
And I, JE9PEL decoded it using "MixW + Online_Kiss_Plus" , "AGWPE + AGW_Online_Kiss",
and "Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss". I asked DK3WN whether he has a ESTCube-1 9k6
Decoder, and he said that has written no telemetry decoder yet, because the ESTCube
team told him that not open to the public, maybe in the future. (Released now-->here)
ESTCube-1 9600bps GMSK signal are currently transmitting over Europe only.

> 2013-05-11 01:01:27.210 UTC: [59 Bytes KISS Frame (without CRC)]
> ctrl: 3   PID: F0 {UI}   40 Payload Bytes
> from ES5E-11 to ES5EC-1:
>    1 > 00 06 00 24 22 05 60 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
>   21 > 00 00 00 03 BF FF BF FB BF FD FF FE 00 00 03 00 00 06 7F FB
> 2013-05-11 01:01:27.280 UTC: [59 Bytes KISS Frame (without CRC)]
> ctrl: 3   PID: F0 {UI}   40 Payload Bytes
> from ES5E-11 to ES5EC-1:
>    1 > 00 06 00 24 22 05 60 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
>   21 > 00 00 00 03 BF FF BF FB BF FD FF FE 00 00 03 00 00 06 7F FB

MixW+Online_Kiss_Plus          MixW+AGWPE+AGW_Online_Kiss    Soundmodem_9k6+AGW_Online_Kiss


I tried to experiment with the KISS file by ESTCube-1 9k6 signal, and
whether it is displayed in the analysis window of "estcube_fm.exe"
written by DK3WN, and the results were as follows.

  AGWPE + AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.2)                        : Failure
  AGWPE + AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.3)                        : Failure
  Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.2)               : Failure
  Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.3)               : Failure
  Soundmodem_9k6 + LoopBack + Online_Kiss_Plus(V8.4.2) : Failure
  MixW(V3.1.1) + Online_Kiss_Plus(V8.4.2)              : Success

I noticed that the satellite callsign "from ES5E-11 to ES5EC-1" is
displayed correctly in the window of "Online_Kiss_Plus" when a succe_
ssful analysis only in estcube_fm.exe. Only when using the KISS file
obtained at this time, it was displayed in the window of estcube_fm.exe.

In the KISS file obtained in other experiments above, the satellite call_
sign seems to be written it corrupt. In order to analysis of estcube_fm
for ESTCube_9k6 in the current situation, it seems the only way is to
use the KISS file obtained in "MixW + Online_Kiss_Plus".

I can analyze "MixW + M-Cubed Decoder", but I can not analyze in "Sound_
modem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss + M-Cubed Decoder". It seems to be caused
that the header part of this satellite callsign is whether it is added
in Soundmodem_9k6 or AGW_Online_Kiss.
(This cause was the settings of Windows_Unicode. See below.)


Experiment a great success! The change point is that I had downgraded
to Ver1.1 of AGW_Online_Kiss. Thus, the satellite callsign is displayed
in AGW_Online_Kiss and I was able to be analyzed in ESTCube_9k6 Decoder
using the KISS file obtained. In addition, I confirmed that it can be
analyzed to ESTCube_9k6 Decoder according to setting to English_Unicode
in Windows with the latest AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.4.4).

  Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss(V1.1)   + ESTCube_9k6 Decoder : Success
  Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_Online_Kiss(V2.4.4) + ESTCube_9k6 Decoder : Success



Raw 9K6 ESTCube-1 Data from Surrey Space Centre Groundstation

See below for the specifications of CW beacon.

I captured 1_frame of ESTCube-1 Safe_mode_beacon for the first time on 11May2013.

12:28-12:41 UTC, 11 May 2013, Ele 45 SE-E-N, 437.254MHz CW
Capturing person: JE9PEL
CW Data: es5e/s t wm5aenf zfhb6e tttt dwtttt ttebeb 6s6htt tttt tttt kn

Parameter			Value	Description
					Raw radiobeacon string
Operating mode			T	Operating mode (E=normal or T=safe)
Timestamp			1366666911000	Timestamp
Error code 1			143	Error code 1
Error code 2			75	Error code 2
Error code 3			110	Error code 3
Time in safe mode		0	Time in safe mode
Main bus voltage		4.1481614288545	Main bus voltage
CDHS processor A		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
CDHS processor B		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
CDHS bus switch			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
COM 3v3 voltage line		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
COM 5V voltage line		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
PL 3v3 voltage line		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
PL 5V voltage line		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
CAM voltage			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
ADCS voltage			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Battery A charging		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Battery A discharging		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Battery B charging		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Battery B discharging		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Secondary power bus A		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Secondary power bus B		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
12V line voltage		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regulator A 5V			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regulator B 5V			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Line voltage 5V			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regulator A 3V3			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regulator B 3V3			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Line voltage 3V3		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regulator A 12V			0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Regultator B 12V		0	0=OK, 1=FAULT
Battery A voltage		4.1601235630071	battery.A.voltage
Battery B voltage		4.1602766269195	battery.B.voltage
Battery A temperature		9.565	battery.A.temperature
Battery B temperature		10.2789	battery.B.temperature
Average power balance		0	average.power.balance
Firmware version number		0	Version number
Number of crashes		0	Number of crashes
Forwarded RF power		0	forwarded.RF.power
Reflected RF power		0	reflected.RF.power
Received signal strength	0	received.signal.strength


I was able to playback a piece of earth imaging ESTCube-1 9k6 have taken.
The analysis program can be obtained from DK3WN Blog, and the data can be obtained from
PE0SAT Blog. Both are files of the date they were published recently. (28, 29 July 2013)



Mail to JA1GDE from ESTCube's GS (Aug 3, 2013)

Thank you very much for that "historic" beacon data (maybe belonging
to the category 'famous last words')! What you said about beacon
interval - that is correct. The default interval is now 5 minutes,
interval can be longer when batteries are really empty.

We had to switch off the beacon for long times because of (most
probably) degrading solar cells. In the average, satellite should be
power positive, in EC-1 case it changed more and more towards power
neutral or even negative state when all power-hungry subsystems were
on. High-speed data transmission from the satellite to download camera
images was also quite power consuming. Due to current on-board camera
software, we had to keep it running all the time while whole image was
downloaded. All that used most of the available energy. 

Around yesterday noon (1.08) we uploaded new EPS software (see firmware
version number in the beacon) and this is more polished compared to
previous one, including several important bug-fixes and better energy
distribution algorithms/logic :-)

Last, but not least - you noticed for sure that since about June,
beacon did not work extremely well even when it was on. There was a
bug in EPS software that caused sometimes very long dit's or dah's so
it wasn't easy to tell what was sent. Now this problem is corrected,

New on-board software for main computer should follow in the near
future, hopefully we can start sending packet beacon again (I don't
know if you have received it or not - it was working couple of days
in the beginning of June). Hopefully this time without problems we
had before.

With best wishes,
Tonis Eenmae, ES5TF

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