NEE-01 Pegaso

The first Ecuadorian satellite, the NEE-01 Pegaso, designed and built completely in the country by a team of national engineers. The NEE-01 Pegaso is a nanosatellite, of the cubesat 1U class, it has a cubic shape and two solar panel wings with 3 panels on each side for a total of 6 panels per wing, its dimensions are 10 by 10 by 75 centimeters (4 by 4 by 30 inches) with its solar wings completely deployed and weights 1.2 kilos, it has an onboard camera which will allow the spacecraft to take pictures and transmit live video from space, the launch into orbit is planned for the 3rd quarter of year 2012 onboard a Russian rocket. There is a mp3 file in Homepage. I am too high-speed and am illegible with my ear, but they are decoded as follows by a certain software. In addition, the data file flowing in the latter half is 'Martin 2' mode of SSTV and the picture of Pegasus appeared as above. > NEE-01 PEGASO: 1ER SATELITE ECUATORIANO, DISENADO Y CONSTRUDO > EN EQUADOR POR: RONNIE NADER, HECTOR CARRION, MANUEL URIGUEN, > SIDENY DROUET, RICARDO ALLU-AGENCIA ESPACIAL CIVIL ECUATORIANA > -EXA [Supplement] NEE-01 ham radio information, 4th May 2013 * NEE-01 PEGASO is NOT a Ham satellite as it uses a proprietary transmitter and you need a proprietary receiver system to get its full signal * However EXA tries to get the most information here for those looking for the challenge of detecting and decoding the signal of the satellite * The receiver system must have an amplifier system of at least 160dB to get the signal * The signal bandwidth is 25Mhz from 897.5 to 922.5Mhz. * The lowest expected signal level is -180dBm the higher signal is at -150dBm * Audio carriers are at 904 and 915Mhz * Your antenna tracking system must have a pointing accuracy of 0.5 degrees and your aperture should be no more than 5 degrees * NEE-01 PEGASO shuts itself off during eclipse and it can only be activated by HERMES-A ground station while in this state, during illumination the spacecraft operates normally * For more technical information you can contact EXA Space Operations division at spaceops at exa dot ec NEE-01 Pegaso video from space: SpaceCam

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