Nayif-1 in United Arab Emirates

     (C)Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

Nayif-1 is an educational single CubeSat project with the goal of providing an actual
space project for Emirati University students. Additionally it is intended to enthuse
and educate young people about radio, space physics and electronics.

The 1U CubeSat is a collaboration between the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center
and the American University of Sharjah both in the United Arab Emirates.

The spacecraft will only require simple ground station antennas and an SDR dongle receiver.
This will make it uncomplicated for schools and colleges to use with their students.

It is anticipated Nayif-1 will be launched into an elliptical, sun synchronous,
Low Earth Orbit (LEO) about 400 by 750 km. In such an orbit the satellite passes over
the Emirates at least twice a day. This would allow the morning passes to be used for
educational purposes and the evening passes for Amateur Radio communications.

The student team will develop and operate a special ground station for this spacecraft.
They will also be developing a unique gDashboardh to display the received telemetry
data and greetings messages in Arabic.

Nayif-1 will incorporate a novel autonomous attitude determination and control system.
This will be the first flight of this system. Additionally it will carry a UHF to VHF
linear transponder that will have up to 0.5 watt output and which can be used by Radio
Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications.

A launch is planned for late 2015 on a SpaceX Falcoln 9.

IARU coordinated frequencies for Nayif-1:
145.940MHz 1200bps BPSK FUNcube standard
500mW inverting SSB/CW linear transponder
435.015-435.045MHz Uplink
145.990-145.960MHz Downlink

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The first satellite of the United Arab Emirates "Nayif-1 (FUNcube-5)" was successfully
launched at 03:58 UTC on February 15th 2017 by Launch Vehicle: PSLV C-37.

Uplink            Downlink          Beacon    Mode
435.015-435.045   145.990-145.960   145.940   SSB, 1200bps BPSK

Nayif-1 Dashboard test

I, JE9PEL tested to decode using the test file on "Nayif-1 Dashboard".
File - Open Session - nayif1_testfile.funcubebin testing by JE9PEL



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