Soundmodem_9k6 linked to M-Cubed Decoder

I did an experiment to playback a 9k6 file received from M-Cubed as follows,
"Soundmodem_9k6 --> Loopback --> M-Cubed Decoder" on 19 May 2013.

First, I was down grade to Java 6 in my PC because M-Cubed Decoder doesn't run in Java 7.
And I was done confirmed ComEmulDrv, Serial port bridge (Pair #1, #2), and Loopback-
COM_Port_Baudrate (9k6). I did an experiment to the point that it should be decoded to
M-Cubed Decoder in theory. I did experiment with the following procedure, for example.
Soundmodem_9k6 which are not open to the public yet, I will not be able to show you the
image in relation to the copyright. (Allowed to publish the image. Refer to the below.)

(1) Uninstall Java 7, and re-install Java 6.

(2) Confirm COM8 in "run_serial_to_tcp.bat" of M-Cubed Decoder.

(3) Confirm run M-Cubed Decoder in Java 6 and close it once.

(4) MixW serial port bridge (#1,#2) is installed in advance.

(5) Start - Settings - Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices
    Voice - Recording sound - Volume - Check Wave or Monaural Mixer

(6) Run Soundmodem_9k6, and confirm COM7 etc. in Settings.

(7) Run AGWPE_Serial_Loopback, and confirm COM_Port_Baudrate: 9600.

(8) Run M-Cubed again.
    run_serial_to_tcp.bat --> run_gs_client.bat

(9) Playback mc0517-13,wav (received by JA0CAW on 17 May 2013)).

(10)Then, 2 frames will be decode in Soundmodem_9k6.

(11)After being further loop in theory, the analysis results should be displayed in M-cubed Decoder.

Well, when I play a wav file of M-Cubed, it will be decoded to Soundmodem_9k6, but the
analysis results do not appear in the M-Cubed Decoder. When I asked about this matter
to a certain HAM station, I received the following advice.

> Soundmodem is based in Agwpe, so we can not link to M-Cubed/RAX/CSSWE.
> Do "Soundmodem/Agwpe + AGWonlineKiss(mirror) + Decoders" to associated
> with these 3 satellites in Soundmodem/Agwpe.

So I have changed the way of experiment as follows.

(12)"Soundmodem_9k6 --> AGW_online_Kiss(mirror COM7) --> M-Cubed Decoder(COM8)"

(13)The analysis results should appear in the M-Cubed Decoder now in theory.

(14)Now, I could decode 2 frames at a time in AGW_online_Kiss and Soundmodem_9k6.
    However, I could not to display in the M-Cubed Decoder yet. (Experiment stop)

I tried to re-experiment using the Agwpe instead of Soundmodem returning to the base.

(15)"Agwpe --> AGW_online_Kiss(mirror COM7) --> M-Cubed Decoder(COM8)"

(16)As a result, the sensitivity of Agwpe is slightly lower than the Soundmodem.
    During the experiment, I have decoded 0 or 1 frame in AGW_online_Kiss,
    and I decoded 2 frames at the rate of about 50 percent.

(17)In any case, even if it is decoded into AGW_online_Kiss, it does not appear yet
    in the M-Cubed Decoder.

(18)I tried an experiment of "Agwpe --> Loopback(COM7) --> M-Cubed Decoder(COM8)",
    the signal did not yet appear in M-Cubed Decoder. I was deadlocked.

By the way, "MixW(COM7) --> M-Cubed Decoder(COM8)" are decoded 2 frames on MixW
and M-Cubed Decoder, so there is no problem in M-Cubed Decoder in practice.
And, there is no problem in Soundmodem_9k6 also because it is decoded correctly
as follows. Now, I am experimenting with association between the two software that
"Soundmodem_9k6/Agwpe --> M-Cubed Decoder", and I have the difficulty to them.


I tried the experiment of 9k6 signal of M-Cubed as follows today, 21 May 2013
I was set to 9600 in "COM Port Baudrate" of "AGWPE Serial Loopback". Because the
latest Ver 8.4.2 of OnlineKiss+ has become TNC support, I changed to grade down
to the old Ver 8.2.2 of Soundcard. As the following image, the signal was flowing
correctly OnlineKiss+, but the signal was stopped just before M-Cubed Decoder yet.

Soundmodem_9k6, Ver 0.06b
AGWPE Serial Loopback, Ver 1.0.1
OnlineKiss+, Ver 8.2.2
M-Cubed Decoder, Java6_edition

mc0517-13.wav --> Soundmodem_9k6 --> Loopback  --> OnlineKiss+ --> M-Cubed Decoder
(by JA0CAW)       (for 9600bps)      (out COM10)   (in  COM11)     (in COM8)
                                                   (out COM7 )


I tried to decode using Soundmodem_9k6 and CO-65 signal as follows today, 22 May 2013.
The signal was flowing correctly to COM8 last as "COM10-->COM11-->COM7-->COM8" in this
experiment. Soundmodem_9k6 is upgraded to Ver 0.08b now.

Soundmodem_9k6, Ver 0.08b
AGWPE Serial Loopback, Ver 1.0.1
OnlineKiss+, Ver 8.2.2
TunaTerm, Ver 5.3

CO65-1113.wav --> Soundmodem_9k6 --> Loopback  --> OnlineKiss+ --> TunaTerm
(9600 signal)     (for 9600bps)      (out COM10)   (in  COM11)     (in COM8)
                                                   (out COM7 )


I will continue further experiments.

About "Soundmodem_9k6 + M-Cubed Decoder" association, JA0CAW and JA5BLZ have
realized to decode M-Cubed signal via PC's soundcard. I'm trying to experiment
to them, but I can not be well at the end of the experiment. After replacing
the latest version of the each software, I have confirmed the details of the
setting further on 25 May 2013.

Soundmodem_9k6, Ver 0.08b
AGW_Online_Kiss, Ver 2.3
M-Cubed Decoder, Java 6 edition

(19)Install M-Cubed Decoder while referring to the HP of the ground station.

(20)Soundmodem_9k6 Ver 0.08b was got from the author, UZ7HO.
    This isn't open to the public because it's still under construction.

(21)AGW_Online_Kiss Ver 2.2 is opened to the public in DK3WN's HP.
    I have obtained a new Ver 2.3 directly from DK3WN for my experiment.

(22)First, the file name onlinekiss.ini after extracting Ver 2.3 is wrong.
    I am not noticed of this, the software doesn't run with an error display.
    Rename correctly it agw_onlinekiss.ini.

(23)I was rewritten all the contents of agw_onlinekiss.ini as follows,
    and I re-save the file as agw_onlinekiss.ini.

    > PORT =
    > MIRROR_COM_SETTINGS = 9600,N,8,1

(24)Three Software of the above are ready at last.
    COM PORT etc. are confirmed in advance.
    Start in the order of Soundmodem_9k6 --> AGW_Online_Kiss --> M-Cubed Decoder.

(25)Playback mc0517-13.wav file. I can decode on Soundmodem_9k6 and AGW_Online_Kiss,
    but M-Cubed Decoder can not be decoded as yellow as ever.

(26)This situation may not have been recognized as a signal to the KISS M-Cubed Decoder
    in view of my experience of the past. Maybe there is a setting still my missing
    somewhere in these software.

Because Soundmodem_9k6 experiments that had been done in Windows XP is not going
well, I tried to experiment in Windows 7 again. First, the installation of "MixW
serial port Bridge" completed.
And the installation of Agw_online_kiss and Soundmodem_9k6 is complete. Finally,
I downloaded and unziped M-Cubed Decoder in Ground Station's HP.

But I can't unzip for some reason "mcubed_gs_client.jar" included. If I try to
extract the zip file, CRC Error message appears. I tried to re-download Decoder
or I tried WINZIP, WINRAR etc., but there is no change in the situation. I think
the problem is probably that I'm trying to extract over the network it. I will
try at a later date this experiment.

I could run GS's standard M-Cubed Decoder in Windows 7.

First, I copied and pasted in Windows 7_PC, "mcubed_public_gs_dist\MCubed_GS_Client"
folder the "mcubed_gs_client.jar" is able to extract and operated successfully
in Windows XP. But the decoder does not start yet, the unknown folder only the
automatically generated on the desktop of the PC, and it does not progress at all.
If I look on the internet search, it was found that it has a working the jar file
in Windows 7 is not easy.

I edited "run_serial_to_tcp.bat" because it's written in the GS's HP that it's
necessary to edit. "run_gs_client.bat" is left at default and when I click in the
order of "run_serial_to_tcp.bat" + "run_gs_client.bat", M-Cubed Decoder run in
Windows_XP. I added the edit as follows in "run_gs_client.bat" because it didn't
run is in Windows 7. To the beginning of the second line in the following figure,
I tried to add and write "java -jar" in the trial. At this stage, I don't know
M-Cubed Decoder is whether to run well still.

> cd MCubed_GS_Client
> java -jar mcubed_gs_client.jar

If I try to click this "run_gs_client.bat" after the "run_serial_to_tcp.bat",
the display unfamiliar as shown in the following figure appeared, and M-Cubed
Decoder of the purpose was run at last. I'll try an experiment at a later date
whether I can analysis the signal. When I passed through the M-Cubed wav file,
I could decode correctly in Windows XP, but I could not decode in Windows 7
appearing "Over flow" over Agw_Online_Kiss. Many trouble has continued.
Such symptoms seem to appear in the difference of OS.

Soundmodem_9k6 Ver0.09b + Agw_Online_Kiss Ver2.3 + M-Cubed Decoder


DK3WN says he can decode with Agw_Online_Kiss in the flow of this signal.
In the image that I obtained in JA5BLZ's Twitter, the satellite callsign is
displayed correctly on the screen Agw_Online_Kiss in the flow of this signal,
"Soundmodem_9k6 + Agw_Online_Kiss". I should be able to also displayed in
M-Cubed Decoder if as this. The satellite callsign is displayed correctly in
Online_Kiss_Plus, but I don't know why the satellite callsign is not displayed
in my Agw_Online_Kiss. I, JE9PEL am deadlocked again here and I can't continue
the experiment. (Solved-->est9k6)

 (C)DK3WN                       (C)JE9PEL/1                   (C)JA5BLZ

I succeeded at last to be associated with the Soundmodem_9k6 on 11 Jun 2013.
I changed to downgrade to Version 2.1 of AGW_Online_Kiss. And I was successful
using the Agw_Online_Kiss Ver2.1 also in Windows 7.

I edited both the "run_gs_client.bat" and "run_serial_to_tcp.bat" as mentioned above.
I have completed all the experiments on the link of Soundmodem_9k6 and M-Cubed Decoder.

Soundmodem_9k6 Ver0.09b + Agw_Online_Kiss Ver2.1 + M-Cubed Decoder: Success
                          (mirror COM7)            (in COM8)

 Windows XP                                    Windows 7

[Supplement1] Soundmodem_9k6 OPEN !

It has been published in a file named

[Supplement2] STRaND-1 KISS

For details on how to take KISS file from STRnND-1, JA0CAW commented.
I, JE9PEL have also tried it using several program. Because unsure about
whether to analysis by each satellite or each program, you will need to
experiment with the various other programs and decoders.

Hard_TNC + KissTerm                   ... OK
Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_online_kiss V2.4 ... OK
Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_online_kiss V2.1 ... non
Soundmodem_9k6 + KissTerm             ... non
Soundmodem_9k6 + TunaTerm             ... non
AGWPE + AGW_online_kiss V2.1          ... non


[Supplement3] for APRS 9600bps

AGWPE + AGW_online_kiss V2.1          ... OK
MixW3.01 + Online_kiss+ V8.5          ... OK
Soundmodem_9k6 + AGW_online_kiss V2.1 ... OK
Soundmodem_9k6 + Online_kiss+ V8.5    ... non
Soundmodem_9k6 + AGWPE Serial Loopback + Online_kiss+ V8.5 ... OK

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