TIsat-1, StudSat, SuitSat-2, FUNcube information

TIsat-1 information

TIsat-1:  Swiss CubeSat
Launch:   5th May 2010
Site:     Sriharikota Space Center (SHAR) in India
Vehicle:  PSLV-C15
Uplink:   145.980MHz FM, AFSK
Downlink: 437.305MHz FM, AFSK
Beacon1 : 145.980MHz CW
Beacon2 : 437.305MHz CW
Power:    400mW
Callsign: HB9DE


StudSat information

First student satellite of India-STUDSAT(STUDent SATellite)
-The first pico-satellite being developed indigenously in India,
by an enthusiastic group of under-graduate students from across India,
with support from Indian Space Research Organization and seven different
Engineering Academic Institutions. 

The group are proposing to use a 10mW CW beacon on UHF and also a half
duplex 9k6 or 4k8bps FSK TC/TLM link with 1 watt output also on UHF.

As a payload STUDSAT consists of a CMOS camera. The objective of this system
is to obtain a monochrome image of the Earth with resolution of 94 meters.

StudSat : India CubeSat, 10cm x 10cm x 11.3cm
Launch:   5th May 2010
Site:     Sriharikota Space Center (SHAR) in India
Vehicle:  PSLV-C15
Uplink:   437.505MHz, 9600bps FSK
Downlink: 437.505MHz, 9600bps FSK
Beacon  : 437.861MHz,   20bps ASK
Power:    10mW(CW), 1W(FSK)




SuitSat-2(ARISSat-1) information

In July 2009 SuitSat became 'SuitlessSat'.

Transport to Russia Spring 2010, Progress to ISS Fall 2010,
release from the ISS late 2010

ARISSat-1/RadioSkaf RadioSkaf-2, New Callsign Feb. 2010

CW-2 beacon was changed to 145.919MHz.

FUNcube information

It is expected that the spacecraft construction and verification
will completed by Autumn 2010.

Inverting linear transponder:
Uplink   435.080 - 435.060 MHz
Downlink 145.960 - 145.980 MHz
Beacon:  145.955 MHz CW and BPSK


StudSat-TIsat - Launch successful

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