ISS_KIBO CubeSats #3

LituanicaSAT-1, LitSat-1, ArduSat-2, SkyCube, UAPSat-1, Chasqui-1

(C)Vilnius University, Lithuania

Lithuania first CubeSats LituanicaSAT-1 and LitSat-1 will be released from
ISS_KIBO J-SSOD on 28 Feb 2014, 07:30UTC. They are scheduled to be launched by
Antares rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility LC-0A. Together with these,
CubeSats of ArduSat-2(USA), SkyCube(USA), UAPSat-1(Peru) will be also launched
at the same time.

LituanicaSAT-1 with amateur radio FM transponder to deploy from ISS

Members of the Vilnius University Amateur Radio Club have been involved in
the development of LituanicaSAT-1 which will be the first Lithuanian satellite.
LituanicaSAT-1 is scheduled to be delivered to the International Space Station
(ISS) on the SpaceX CRS-3 mission towards the end of 2013 and be deployed from
the ISS by the JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD) of the Japan
Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The satellite will use low cost open-source software and hardware for primary
and secondary flight computers that will control the payload consisting of an
onboard VGA camera, GPS receiver, UHF CW beacon 100mW, 9k6 AX25 FSK telemetry
TX 2 watts and FM Mode V/U transponder 150mW Voice Repeater.

The IARU coordinated frequencies are:
- FM Transponder Uplink 145.950 MHz Downlink 435.180 MHz
- AX25 Uplink 145.850 MHz AX25 Downlink 437.550 MHz
- CW Beacon 437.275 MHz

A news article estimated the cost of the project at 1.3 million LTL
($493,134) which is believed to include a value of 0.9 million LTL
for around 18,000 hours of work by volunteers. An initial 170,000 LTL
($64,486) in cash was raised to commence development of the project with
a further 260,000 LTL ($98,626) needed to complete it.

News article in Lithuanian dated March 30, 2013
Kosmonautai LituanicaSAT-1 website in Google English
Wiki in Google English, YouTube, Facebook, Article
Nanosatellite Lituanica SAT-1 marks Lithuaniafs first foray into space

The IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Status Quest-1 page
reports that these CubeSats will also be deployed from the ISS along with
LithuanicaSAT-1 - Quest-1 1U CubeSat, ArduSat-2 2U CubeSat, GOMSPACE-1
2U CubeSat, SkyCube 1U CubeSat, TaiwanSat 2U CubeSat, GOMEX-2 2U CubeSat,
Cosmogia and Twenty Six other 3U CubeSats.
Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) in Google English


Vilnius University, Lithuania


NPO Innovative Engineering Projects, Lithuania

  FM Transponder
    Uplink   145.950 MHz
    Downlink 435.180 MHz
  9600bps FSK
    Uplink   145.850 MHz
    Downlink 437.550 MHz
  CW Beacon  437.275 MHz

Lithuanian Space Association, Lithuania

  Linear transponder for SSB/CW communications
    Uplink   435.180 MHz, (435.135-435.165 MHz)
    Downlink 145.950 MHz, (145.965-145.935 MHz)

  Packet 9600bps FSK radio transceiver
    Uplink   435.550 MHz
    Downlink 145.850 MHz

NanoSatisfi Inc., USA
Mission is to provide a platform on which the students and DIY space
enthusiasts may design and run their own space - based Arduino experiments.
Downlink 437.xxxMHz, 9600bps MSK CCSDS

Universidad Alas Peruanas, Peru
Systems is a minicomputer, radio transmitters and receivers, a power control
system and magnets to to align the satellite with Earth's magnetic field.
Uplink 145.980MHz, Downlink 437.385MHz, Packet 1200bps AFSK ECSS-E_70-41A standards

SkyCube (non-amateur)
San Francisco-based Southern Stars LLC, USA
Mission is to tweet messages submitted by its investors and to take pictures
of places they have requested. Features four cameras, deployable solar arrays,
an inflatable 3m reflective balloon. Downlink 915.000MHz, 57.6kbps


(C)JAXA                             (C)PLANET LABS INC.

The first two of the Flock-1 constellation of 28 Dove 3U CubeSats developed
by Planet Labs were deployed at about 08:31 UTC, 11 Feb 2014 with another
two Dove CubeSats deployed at 12:41 UTC by the satellite release mechanism
of Nano-Lacks Corporation (USA).

In addition to the 28 Planet Labs CubeSats there are 4 amateur radio CubeSats
 - LituanicaSat-1, LitSat-1, ArduSat-2, UAPSat-1 - and SkyCube(non-amateur).
Release total number are 28+4+1=33. Now, 14 Feb 2014 in NORAD:

FLOCK 1-3  39512U 98067DG
FLOCK 1-1  39513U 98067DH
FLOCK 1-2  39514U 98067DJ
FLOCK 1-4  39515U 98067DK
FLOCK 1-5  39518U 98067DL
FLOCK 1-6  39519U 98067DM
FLOCK 1-7  39520U 98067DN
FLOCK 1-8  39521U 98067DP


(C)UNI edu, Peru

Peruvian Satellite Chasqui-1 was carried to the ISS on 5 Feb 2014.
It is unknown whether it is released together with LitSat-1, etc., which is
planed to deploy at 07:30 UTC on 28 February. I, JE9PEL will introduce this
satellite below. The original language is Spanish. 

Lanzan al espacio nanosatelite Chasqui-1 de la UNI

On Wednesday, February 5 was launched to the International Space Station
on experimental nanosatellite Chasqui 1, fully created by Peruvian
scientists from the National University of Engineering (UNI). The nano
satellite, a kilo of weight, split from the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome
space shuttle through Russian Progress M-22M. Once on the International
Space Station, the Chasqui 1 must wait@scheduling the Russian space
agency Roscosmos to its orbit.

Making this observation satellite was launched in 2009 at a cost of
$ 631.000, financed with own resources. The Progress M-22M spacecraft,
which will take the Chasqui 1 carries food, materials and other supplies
for the astronauts that are in season.

It should be noted that they have previously launched their satellites
into space Alas Peruvian University and the Catholic University of Peru.



TLE of LitSat-1, LituanicaSAT-1, UAPSat-1, ArduSat-2, SkyCube is one of
the following NORAD's TLE. It is released only five aircraft looking at
this photo. Peruvian satellite Chasqui-1 was that it was not subject to
release in this deployment. 2U-Satellite at the top right of the above
figure is ArduSat-2. The downlink frequency remains MHz.

1 39567U 98067EL  14060.92899226  .00129467  00000-0  21012-2 0    53
2 39567  51.6486 271.2671 0005364 240.4402 257.7473 15.51781188   237
1 39568U 98067EM  14060.86131760  .00191420  00000-0  30649-2 0    31
2 39568  51.6488 271.5977 0004093 257.9649 221.9336 15.51912017   223
1 39569U 98067EN  14060.79094609  .00128230  00000-0  20857-2 0    33
2 39569  51.6499 271.9671 0004537 228.1132 217.9798 15.51729461   216
1 39570U 98067EP  14060.79093866  .00170547  00000-0  27734-2 0    27
2 39570  51.6450 271.9635 0004534 226.8257 218.7799 15.51558919   189
1 39571U 98067EQ  14060.79361022  .00005543  00000-0  10000-3 0    44
2 39571  51.6475 271.9500 0006507 216.2242 243.9780 15.51414181   189

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