Athenoxat-1 CW data analyzing

Athenoxat-1 is sending now the quintet of CW every two minutes. It's sending a signal
that seems to be the mode switching in the middle of that time.

10:53-10:58 UTC, 16 Jan 2016, Ele 1.8 WS-S-SE, 437.485MHz CW
> ATX1 3022Hz

I could decode the two CW signals in the following pass. Because the elevation
in my QTH is the most two degrees, so it's difficult to get two CW signals in
one pass. By the way, it took a little time to identify the code of minus(-) in
the following figure. This is because this minus code that is not so much used
to usualy. I will summarize here the other some of the symbols of the Morse code.

07:57-08:02 UTC (16:57-17:02 JST), 23 Jan 2016, Ele 2.4 WS-S-SE, 437.485MHz CW
> ATX1 8.36V
> ATX1 -106DBM


I received CW signal in the path of only 0.8 degrees elevation. Now, I decoded all of the
four types of transmission pattern from Athenoxat-1,  "transmission frequency bandwidth,
voltage, power and temperature".

09:28-09:31 UTC, 24 Jan 2016, Ele 0.8 WS-S-E, 437.485MHz CW
> ATX1 PA22C


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