NROL39 Atlas V launch

AeroCube-5, ALICE, CUNYSAT-1, FIREBIRD-U1/U2, IPEX, MCubed-2
SMDC-ONE(Charlie), SMDC-ONE(David), SNaP, TacSat-6

The following is the plan that many satellites are launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) LC-3E on 07:14 UTC, 6 Dec 2013 by Atlas V 501 rocket. Refer to this link for more information. ALICE US Air Force Institute of Technology 460.xxxMHz, GFSK (non-amateur) CUNYSAT-1 The City University of New York 437.505MHz 9600bps GMSK,CW FIREBIRD-U1/U2 Montana State University 437.405/230MHz 9600bps GMSK IPEX(CP8) California Polytechnic State University 437.270MHz 9600bps GMSK,CW MCubed-2 University of Michigan 437.485MHz 9600bps GMSK The other satellites to be launched at the same time are related to "U.S.Army Space and Missile Defense Dommand", so only this PDF is now opened to the public. ALICE CUNYSAT-1 FIREBIRD IPEX MCubed-2 [Received] IPEX(CP8), California Polytechnic State University Initial NROL's TLE: 99991U 00000 ( -> JSpOC-704 90704U 13072D) 23:14-23:25 UTC, 6 Dec 2013, Ele 81 SE-Z-NW, 437.270MHz 9600bps GMSK,CW 07:16-07:30 UTC, 7 Jun 2014, Ele 37 ES-W-WN, 437.270MHz 9600bps GMSK MCubed-2, University of Michigan CalPoly's TLE: JSpOC-712 90712U 13072L ( -> JSpOC-710 90710U 13072J) 00:00-00:11 UTC, 14 Dec 2013, Ele 52 SE-E-NW, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK FIREBIRD-U2, Montana State University The communication speed of FIREBIRD is nominally 9600bps, but JA0CAW has discovered that is 19200bps actually. And I, JE9PEL could decode as shown in the figure below his received recording file using MixW. JSpOC-712 90712U 13072L, 437.230MHz 19200bps GMSK Received by JA0CAW, 15 Dec 2013 [Supplement1] Catalog Number IPEX JSpOC-704 90704U 13072C (2013-072K 39471) MCubed-2 JSpOC-710 90710U 13072J (2013-072H 39469) FIREBIRD-U2 JSpOC-712 90712U 13072L (2013-072C 39464) [Supplement2] TLE update IPEX MCubed-2 MCubed-2 FIREBIRD-U1 FIREBIRD-U2

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