Sprites, QIKCOM-1

On June 23, 2017 six tiny satellites were sent into low-Earth orbit as
secondary payloads on the Venta and Max Valier satelites that were
launched on the Indian PSLV-C38 rocket. These six satellites are
comparatively dainty, but punch far above their weight.

Called "Sprites", each is a 4-gram flake of circuit-board just 3.5 cm
on a side, packing solar panels, computers, sensors and communications
equipment into an area equal to a U.S. postage stamp.

One Sprite apiece is attached to the outside of each mothership - the
Latvian Venta satellite and the Italian Max Valier satellite, the latter
of which also holds four additional Sprites awaiting deployment into
space as wholly independent spacecraft. Radio telemetry from minuscule
magnetometers and gyroscopes on the deployed Sprites would then be used
to track the spacecraft as they shift, spin and tumble, to better
understand their orbital dynamics.

[Supplement] Sprites, 437.325MHz

US Naval Academy
144.390/145.825 MHz
Release from ISS on 21 August 2017


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