ISS_KIBO CubeSats Release

On October 4, 2012 five CubeSats were successfully deployed from the
International Space Station (ISS). The first pod containing RAIKO and
WE-WISH was deployed at 1437 UT while the second pod containing FITSAT-1,
F-1 and TechEdSat deployed at 1544 UT. 

WE_WISH, RAIKO Release Video                               FITSAT-1, F-1, TechEdSat Release Video       




CubeSats pictures over Earth

FITSAT-1 heard! It's strong and clear signal.

17:02-17:10UTC, 4 Oct 2012, Ele 8 WN-N-NE, 437.250MHz CW
HI DE NIWAKA JAPAN S1 F0 03 00 BA S2 88 D5 81 81 .......

TechEdSat heard! It's very weak every 10 seconds.
18:38-18:48UTC, 4 Oct 2012, Ele 37 WN-E-ES, 437.465MHz FM

WE_WISH SSTV signal was received by JE1CVL. Great!
This SSTV image is the infrared temperature indication image.
WE_WISH, 20:15-20:24UTC, 4 Oct 2012, Ele 16 NW-W-S, 437.505MHz SSTV

WE_WISH SSTV picture
11:18-11:29UTC, 5 Oct 2012, Ele 69 WS-E-EN, 437.515MHz
The frequency may be 10kHz high at 437.515MHz, not 437.505MHz.

I succeeded in decoding the 'Scottie 1' signal of WE_WISH SSTV.
You will notice that you watch a picture carefully in a sentence
of "JQ1ZIJ MEISEI ARC 2012" being written at the end line.

F-1, Nothing heard

It seemed to hear F-1 which we did not hear so far. (unconfirmed)
We can see the report like it under the next page.

Subject: [amsat-bb] CubeSats TLE
From: Jean-Pierre Godet
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 09:13:59 +0000 (UTC)

   Hello dear CubeSats listener !

   The TLE of the five CubeSats recently launched from ISS are now ava_
ilable with the NORAD registration numbers 1998-067-CN, CP, CQ, CR, CS.
   1998 ? Yes as NORAD considers they are parts of the ISS, the first
module of which, Zarya, was launched on November 20th 1998 and got the
NORAD registration number 1998-067-A.

   Yesterday evening (evening in Western Europe, around 2130 UTC), I
noticed that FITSAT-1 was already about 4 mn before the ISS predictions
as this one modified altitude (higher). With a max. elevation angle of
83 deg., we received the 437.250 MHz beacon loud and clear.

   Have a good day my friends !


FITSAT-1 (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)

WE WISH (Meisei Electric Co., Ltd.)

TechEdSat, San Jose State University in USA

F-1, FPT University in Hanoi Vietnam

Satellite   Downlink           Beacon    Mode
---------   ----------------   -------   ------------------
FITSAT-1    437.445, 5.84GHz   437.250   1200bps FM,CW
WE WISH     437.505            437.505   2400bps FM,SSTV,CW
TechEdSat   437.465            437.465   1200bps FM,CW
F-1         145.980            437.485   1200bps FM,AFSK,CW
---------   ----------------   -------   ------------------

FITSAT data format
WE-WISH data format
TechEdSat data format
F-1 data format

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