NanoSail-D2 ejected and deployed

Nanosail-D2 ejected and deployed on 17 Jan 2011.


Strong Beacon are sending every 10 minitutes.
S-Band ON but S-Band freaquency is not opened, and the sail has deployed

17:59-18:10JST, 21 Jan 2011, Mel 14 West
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:02:35] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:02:45] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:03:15] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:03:25] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:03:35] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:03:45] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F0200005319C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:03:55] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F0200005319C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:04:05] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F0200005319C57ACFC0F9C3C4
KE7EGC>UNDEF,TELEM [01/21/11  18:04:15] <UI C> 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F0200005319C57ACFC0F9C3C4

NanoSail-D2 Telemetry Decoder          (c) Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN
================================================================ 8C0F0000D32101010104008B6F020000DB18C57ACFC0F9C3C4
Software Version    : 140
Burn Time           : 15
Start Phase         : 0
Current Phase       : 8659 sec   (3d 00:09:30)
Switch State        : 1
Panel Deploy Status : Panels have deployed
Sail Deploy Status  : Sail has deployed
Number of resets    : 1024
Subsystem Power     : Beacon ON, S-Band ON
Battery Voltage     : 7.16 V
Satellite Bus Temp  : -17.8 deg C
Sat Time Stamp      : 12916955 sec   (149d 12:02:35)
Sat Ejection Time   : 12636026 sec   (146d 06:00:26)
Sail Deploy Time    : 12895225 sec   (149d 06:00:25)

21 Jan. 2011

NanoSail-D2 no receive? (22 Jan. 2011)

                                                                                (C) DK3WN

NanoSail-D2 status

STATUS: NanoSail-D ejected on 1/17/11 at approximately 1900 PST.
Beacon data was routinely received by the public throughout the world from
1/19-21/11, and telemetry indicates that the sail deployed on schedule.
As of early morning PST on 1/21/11, no beacon packets are being received.
This combined with a plunging battery voltage may mean that NanoSail-D is
effectively out of power.  The ops team and amateur radio operators around
 the world are still making attempts to make contact with the spacecraft.

We will be tracking the de-orbiting of NanoSail-D over the next few months,
and we will post any available visual photographs of the satellite, which
are being collected by the mission team at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

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