Chinese satellites #3: XW-2(CAS-3)

Launch time: UTC 23:00:00 on 2015-09-19
The satellites were launched on Beijing's new Chang Zheng 6 (CZ-6)
rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. (Source: AMSAT-UK)
The satellites were separated from rocket at UTC 23:15:14 on 2015-09-19.

Satellite      Uplink           Downlink         Digital   CW     Mode
-------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ----------------
CAS-3A(XW-2A)  435.030-435.050  145.685-145.665  145.640/145.660  9k6/19k2 GMSK CW
CAS-3B(XW-2B)  435.090-435.110  145.750-145.730  145.705/145.725  9k6/19k2 GMSK CW
CAS-3C(XW-2C)  435.150-435.170  145.815-145.795  145.770/145.790  9k6/19k2 GMSK CW
CAS-3D(XW-2D)  435.210-435.230  145.880-145.860  145.835/145.855  9k6/19k2 GMSK CW
CAS-3E(XW-2E)  435.270-435.290  145.935-145.915  145.890/145.910  9k6 GMSK CW
CAS-3F(XW-2F)  435.330-435.350  146.000-145.980  145.955/145.975  9k6 GMSK CW
CAS-3G(DCBB,KAITUO-1B)        .     145.475          437.950      9k6 GMSK
CAS-3H(LilacSat-2) 144.350/144.390  437.225/144.390  437.200      4k8 GFSK APRS CW
CAS-3I(NUDT-PhoneSat)         .     437.300             .         9k6 GFSK
-------------  ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ----------------

XW-2 signals (09:40JST 20Sep2015, 21:14JST 20Sep2015)
Because the signal source were too much, I JE9PEL could not decide the target.  by PY4ZBZ

Reported by PY4ZBZ:
Em 19-09-2015 as 23:00 UTC foram lancados 9 satelites chineses. Em 20-09-2015 as 08:50 UTC
ocorreu a primeira passagem sobre o Brasil. Consegui captar os 6 satelites XW-2A a XW-2F, 
como mostra a figura acima. Nela podemos ver os sinais de telemetria (TLM) a 9k6/19k2
e os sinais CW dos beacons, (somente o transponder E estava ligado) cujas frequencias estao
na tabela seguinte:
Em 145,790 MHz - 3 kHz de Doppler, focalizei um sinal CW bem no final da passagem.

I, JE9PEL could decode XW-2C(CAS-3C) CW to be concentrating on 22:52 UTC, 20 Sep 2015.
It was the decoding of the time of the 0 degree elevation angle and it was a good tone.
If you look at the satellite callsign, it is BJ1SD. The 5th from the left has become a
satellite-specific alphabet, and I noticed that it shifted one by one from the alphabet
of the satellite name. In other words, XW-2A - XW-2F are BJ1SB - BJ1SG. The callsign of
the remaining three satellites CAS-3G,H,I are not yet able to confirm clearly.
In addition, Chinese satellite with the callsign of BJ1SA is HO-68 (XW-1).

22:52-22:57 UTC, 20 Sep 2015, Ele 3 NW-W, 145.790MHz CW

According to the received report, the protocol of XW-2A/B/C is CSP
(Cubesat Space Protocol), and the protocol of XW-2D/E/F is AX.25.

XW-2 CW Telemetry Encoding Format
XW-2 CW Telemetry Encoding Format V1.2
XW-2 Satellites Digital Telemetry Encoding Format

[XW-2 Photo] by JE1CVL
(1)Vacuum test in High temperature (2)Ground Station (3)Vibration test of XW-2E and XW-2F (4)Launch Locket (5)Launch Locket (6)V/U antenna in Ground Station (7)Six Flight Module of XW-2 (8)Flight Module Test of XW-2E

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