ISS_KIBO CubeSats #1

TechEdSat, F-1

JAXA announced CubeSats of RAIKO, FITSAT-1, WE-WISH to deploy from KIBO in ISS
on 13th Jun 2011. They will be loaded into the J-SSOD deployer on ISS KIBO with
TechEdSat (San Jose State University, USA) and F-1 (FPT University, Vietnam)
by HTV-3 (Kounotori-3) on 21 July 2012.

These satellites will be deployed from Japanese Experiment Module 'KIBO'
by the robotic arm in September 2012. 
'KIBO' translates to 'Hope', and 'Kounotori' to 'White stork' in english.

RAIKO, Wakayama University, Tohoku University (non-amateur)
2.2GHz/13GHz, 38.4 - 500kbps

FITSAT-1, Fukuoka Institute of Technology
437.250MHz CW, 437.445MHz FM, 5840.00MHz High speed data

WE WISH, Meisei Electric Co., Ltd.
437.505MHz SSTV, Telemetry, CW


Video (C)JAXA


RAIKO means Drum of the Thunder.


NIWAKA of the nickname means that the wordplay of the
satire which is the traditional event in Fukuoka Japan.


IR pictures of the earth surface with 320x256 pixels
that will be downlinked in approx 110 secs using SSTV.
Proposing a UHF downlink 437.505 MHz and VHF uplink.
Downlink will be SSTV, telemetry or CW beacon.


JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

NHK japanese TV, 14 July 2012 (C)NHK

NHK international TV, 24 July 2012 (C)NHK

JAXA HTV3 CubeSats Launch

FITSAT-1, WE_WISH, F-1, TechEdSat data

How to decode WE_WISH SSTV

How to analyze WE_WISH HK data

ISS_KIBO CubeSats Release

ISS_KIBO CubeSats Pictures

FITSAT-1 Received on 5.84GHz

FITSAT-1 LED Flashing Experiments Successful

RAIKO re-entry prediction

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