Sep 18, 2005
06:14-06:36 UTC
15:14-15:36 JST
435.795 MHz PSK

I heard FO-20 PSK(USB) signals from 40 elevations up.

Oct 1 , 2005
06:40-07:05 UTC
15:40-16:05 JST
435.795 MHz PSK
82 Ele

I heard again FO-20 strong PSK(USB) signals
from 70 elevations up around 06:50-06:55 UTC.

The ground station of JARL said that FO-20 PSK
switch board changed from 435.910 to 435.795 MHz
due to maybe the solar wind.
Today I heard them at 435.792 MHz +/- doppler.

 These two mp3 sounds may be the signal from IO-26.

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