PhoneSat's Puzzle Pictures decoding method

[by ST2NH]

(1) Register in advance at PhoneSat_HP.

(2) log_in or sign_in

(3) Go to packet page.

(4) Copy and past the packet frame at the decoder window, "AX.25 packets".


(5) Click decode button.

(6) A link will shown down the decoder with decoded image link.

(7) Click save the image.


(8) the Image with file extension .webp.

(9) Use Opera or Google chrome to open it, not IE.

(10)Original image size is 20 x 15 pixel.

(11)Edit this small image by the following [Supplement].



PhoneSat pictures by ST2NH

PhoneSat pictures by DK3WN

PhoneSat pictures HP

[Supplement] Clear enlarged image

Received image(1) from PhoneSat is a small size of 15 x 20 pixel such as a beans.
It will become an image(2) of mosaic-like out-of-focus when you try to enlarge
this image using other software after saving this small image. In Google Chrome,
if you do in the following ways, you will be able to get a clear enlarged image(3).

    (1)             (2)                    (3)

- Click the Chrome menu  on the toolbar of Google Chrome.
- Find the "Zoom" section in the menu and choose one of the following options.
- Click  to make everything on the page larger.
- Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl and +(plus) key, or Ctrl and -(minus) key.

This operation can be adjusted to -25%~+500%, so stop before image loss it sharpness.
Get screen shot with Paint or Photoshop select the image thumb and save it.

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