FUNcube Dongle test #4

SDR-RADIO version 1.1 build 563

HDSDR received by JE1CVL

I tried some Decoder in conjunction with FUNcube Dongle. In the status of my
PC, WRplus does not work for the -wv option as full screen size. HDSDR does
work for the -wv option as usual screen size, but the sound breaks off and
PC puts freeze away. KGKSDR has low receiving sensitivity, and the sound
output power is not enough. I can feel the performance of the sensitivity of
SDR-RADIO look good.

My FCD was able to hear signal in SDR clearly by setting about 15kHz frequency
with 'FCHid003.exe' highly. I perform the setting of the frequency corresponding
to the doppler shift of the satellite in 'satcotrol_fcd.exe'. You can download
both softwares from YAHOO GROUPS funcube.


SDR# (SDR Sharp)


How to install SDR# (Japanese)

SDR# update Ver1.0.0.1081

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